Blind Justice.


         Dance with the Devil
           By Sherrilyn Kenyon.
Book #4 of the Dark Hunter series.
I’m a bit of a late starter with this series. I found it only a short while ago, so I have some serious catching up to do.

This is Zarek’s story.
On the way from New Orleans back to the baron wastelands of Alaska where he was banished to nine hundred years before, Zarek’s knows he is marked for death.
He has commited the ultimate crime and killed humans, this time banishment is not enough.
Astrid is asked by the goddess to judge Zarek. If he is guilty of the crimes he must die. To do this she comes to Zarek’s part of Alaska with her “pet” Sasha. Because Astrid is blind she has a very unique bond with Sasha.
Zarek is attacked and when he comes round he is in Astrid’s house.  There is a very bad storm so he can’t leave.
Although Zarek doesn’t care If he lives or dies he can’t allow anyone else to be hurt by the ones out to kill him.
Zarek was a slave in his human life and has known nothing but abuse all his life.
Astrid must keep an open mind to judge him fairly.
The journey into Zarek’s past is traumatic. How can he possibly have remained sane?
This story is very emotional, with some very sad parts but also some very funny parts. We have all wanted our pets to be able to talk to us at some point. I would love one like Sasha or Simi, both are so funny and utterly believable, I am completely addicted to this series, and must have all the books. My one click finger is going to be worn out.


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i am a reader only. I love Historical and paranormal romance . I am English but have lived in Spain for the last 26yrs . Because it was difficult to get books In English when I first came here I am a bit behind on some of the authors. Sincé my wonderful son bought me a kindle I have been trying to catch up. I have been married for ·39yrs and have one son who is 24.You will also have to forgive me if I don´t do things properly, We didn´t have computers at my school. . I have been busy working until recently and not had time to learn all the things that the kids can do so easily now.

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