What Would You Do For Your Sister?


           The Impostress. 
          By Lisa Jackson.

This book is over ten years old, but with Medieval romance that doesn’t matter. I have only just found this author so all her books are new to me.
When Kiera’s sister Elyn , rescues her from the near disastrous consequences of a childish adventure Kiera vows to repay her. Three years later Elyn calls in the debt. Their father has contracted Elyn to marry the Beast of Penbrooke , but she loves someone else. She cons Kiera into standing in for her at the wedding. 
Kiera is stuck between her promise to her sister and what she knows is right. The more time that passes the deeper in trouble Kiera gets. Too many lies have been told to too many people.
Kelan is the Beast of Penbrooke, a man who has to marry for the benefit of Penbrooke.  The wedding has been arranged . The bride and groom have never met.
Kelan is very happy with his bride, except he knows she is hiding something from him.
I won’t say anymore about the storyline because I don’t want to spoil it for you. This story shows us we should never lie because they have a habit of growing out of control.  As a reader I could not see how Kiera could have done anything different, and I wanted to smack her very selfish sister. I will be reading the follow up books.

Have a Wonderful Read


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i am a reader only. I love Historical and paranormal romance . I am English but have lived in Spain for the last 26yrs . Because it was difficult to get books In English when I first came here I am a bit behind on some of the authors. Sincé my wonderful son bought me a kindle I have been trying to catch up. I have been married for ·39yrs and have one son who is 24.You will also have to forgive me if I don´t do things properly, We didn´t have computers at my school. . I have been busy working until recently and not had time to learn all the things that the kids can do so easily now.

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