A DARK GUARDIAN.
                By Donna Grant.

The first book in The Shields series. This gives us historical and Magical in one story.

There is an evil creature preying on a castle and It’s inhabitants.  It flies in at night and feasts on the villagers. The Baron of the castle, Bernard,  is a useless drunk. His sister Teresa, is a selfish shrew. The younger sister Mina is trying to kill the creature, but is getting no help.
Hugh and his men are known as the Shields. They are sent by the Fae to protect humanity from the evil ones.
The creature is being controlled by someone at the castle. They need to find the person and destroy the creature. Much easier said than done. The creature first appeared When Mina was at the Druid ruins. So naturally the people think she brought it into being.
Trust is a very hard thing for some people to learn.
I enjoyed this story it has lots of adventure, magic and a very nasty monster. I will definitely read the whole series. 


About petulawinmill

i am a reader only. I love Historical and paranormal romance . I am English but have lived in Spain for the last 26yrs . Because it was difficult to get books In English when I first came here I am a bit behind on some of the authors. Sincé my wonderful son bought me a kindle I have been trying to catch up. I have been married for ·39yrs and have one son who is 24.You will also have to forgive me if I don´t do things properly, We didn´t have computers at my school. . I have been busy working until recently and not had time to learn all the things that the kids can do so easily now.

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