Buried Treasure??


.         By Anita Clenny.

This book is an unusual blend of genres. We have a modern woman, a highland warrior from 150yrs ago and ancient demons.

Bree is a historian ,she loves to search for  buried treasure. After her grandmother dies,Bree finds a disc that has been in the mantle for years is the key to a large chest. The chest has been in the old crypt for 150 years, but It’s a great shock when a highland warrior jumps out of it and puts a knife to her throat.
Faelan was suspended in the vault by an ancient demon. Faelan comes from a long line of warriors that fight the demons. 
Bree helps him more than he wants her to. He finds it hard to be looked after and rescued by a woman. When they discover his clan they know he has still got to kill the demon that suspended him. Bree discovers she has known the demon in his human skin for a long time. He has been looking desperately for something near her gran’s house. Faelan and Bree have quite a lot of adventure and danger to face.

This book is obviously the start of an exciting series.  Lots of interesting secondary characters.


About petulawinmill

i am a reader only. I love Historical and paranormal romance . I am English but have lived in Spain for the last 26yrs . Because it was difficult to get books In English when I first came here I am a bit behind on some of the authors. Sincé my wonderful son bought me a kindle I have been trying to catch up. I have been married for ·39yrs and have one son who is 24.You will also have to forgive me if I don´t do things properly, We didn´t have computers at my school. . I have been busy working until recently and not had time to learn all the things that the kids can do so easily now.

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