Love Could Be Fatal.



            BY STEPHANIE ROWE.

Order of the Blade book #1

A new series for me, so I have some catching up to do.
The Order is made up of Calydon Warriors, charged with protecting innocents.  In this “world” there are Illusionists who are very powerful and could be working for good or evil. They are rarely liked by anyone.

Grace is an Illusionist who can’t control her powers. They come whenever she is scared and are deadly. Grace’s sister Ana has been kidnapped and is being forced to kill with her illusions.  So Grace must ask a powerful Calydon to help her get her sister back.
Quinn is the one Grace goes to. Quinn is dealing with serious problems himself. Someone is murdering his Warriors. A short time after meeting Grace, Quinn realizes that she is his Sheva (Mate) . This will cause even more problems because when a Calydon fully bonds with his Sheva he goes rogue. To stop that happening either the warrior or the Sheva is killed. That is the way the Order has always worked.

This is a fast paced,action packed story. If it was on film the special effects would be incredible. Lots of big battles, and HOT Live scenes. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

Buy from Amazon with this link.Darkness Awakened (Order of the Blade)


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i am a reader only. I love Historical and paranormal romance . I am English but have lived in Spain for the last 26yrs . Because it was difficult to get books In English when I first came here I am a bit behind on some of the authors. Sincé my wonderful son bought me a kindle I have been trying to catch up. I have been married for ·39yrs and have one son who is 24.You will also have to forgive me if I don´t do things properly, We didn´t have computers at my school. . I have been busy working until recently and not had time to learn all the things that the kids can do so easily now.

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