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This is my review



Immortals of New Orleans, book 7.

I was lucky enough to receive an A.R.C. of this but that will not colour my review in any way.

While you can read any of the books in this series as a stand alone , I think it is more enjoyable to read them in order. They are adult only books because there are a lot of HOT sex scenes.

The first thing Dimitri senses when he wakes up is a woman laying on him while he is tied down. How he ended up like this when the last thing he remembers is being attacked on the beach, is a mystery. Naturally being Dimitri there is a part of him that doesn´t care how he got there ,it´s quite happy to enjoy the results.

Gillian has used her healing gift on Dimitri, because she knows she is the reason he was attacked. The Pack of wolves that nearly killed him are after her. Their Alpha has somehow found out what she is and wants to force mate her to steal her gifts. Gillian was always told by her mother to stay away from the werewolves. If she gets involved with one she will lose an especial part of her being.

Gillian is set on getting as far away from Dimitri as possible, so that he will not be in any more danger. He is just as set on not letting her face the danger of the mad Alpha alone. The problem is he is having trouble shifting to his wolf. So he needs help to keep her safe.

Once she goes to see a half brother she only recently found, her life changes forever. To set a trap for the Alpha that is after her she must pretend to be getting mated to Dimitri. Gillian has a very big secret she has not told him ,and finds herself getting jealous of all the women that are in his life.

This is a very sexy book, with lots of danger and great fun. Dimitri has a very naughty streak. I love his personality. Gillian is a very strong woman ,but is also very vunerable.

The only problem I have is now I have to wait for Jax´s book.

This book is going to be a big hit. Buy it now from Amazon with this link.Dimitri (Immortals of New Orleans #6)

How about an Excerpt.

Dimitri yanked on the restraints, his wrists firmly secured at his sides.  The sweet scent of a woman danced through his mind and he swore he felt the warmth of a smooth hand on his thigh. A moan alerted him to the fact that he wasn’t alone, and his cock hardened in response.  If it weren’t for the caustic pain tearing through his muscles, he’d have thought he was having a wet dream.  But as he attempted to open his eyes, memories of his last thoughts slammed into him.

Teeth.  Claws.  Blood.  Submission.  As his chest heaved for breath, his hands curled into the bed and saliva dripped from his mouth as he recalled being attacked on the beach.  A pack of feral wolves had torn into him. Helplessly, he’d fought them, unable to shift.  At some point the slashing agony of the attack had ceased; the smooth sound of a woman’s voice curled around him in comfort as he surrendered to unconsciousness.

“Shh…you’re okay.  Stay still.”

Not his Alpha’s command, yet Dimitri’s mind quieted.  His dried, cracked lips parted.  But before he had a chance to utter a word, the seal between where her skin met his began to heat.  His eyes flew open and rolled back into his head as tendrils of healing seeped into his skin.  Instinctively, he thrashed against the bindings.  His hands fisted the leather, and he shook the bed’s metal frame until it rattled uncontrollably.  As the tingling spread throughout his body, overwhelming relief from the pain swept through him and he gasped. By the time it was over, tears ran down his face.  Not only had the crushing misery disappeared; for the first time in weeks, his wolf howled in celebration.

“My wolf,” he cried. “You healed me?  How?  What are you?”

“You should be okay once you shift…for a few days, anyway,” the female responded breathlessly, her lips accidentally brushing his chest. “Can’t promise you any longer.  You need to see a witch.  A shaman may be able to help.”

“But how did you know?  My wolf…”  Dimitri’s words trailed off as his vision slowly came into focus. He glanced down to the silky raven hair that brushed over his abdomen.

“Your wolf…he recovers.”

“Jesus Christ, the pack.  They tried to kill me.  How did I get here?”

“You’ve got an awful lot of questions for an almost dead man,” she responded.

“What can I say?  Near death does that to a guy.  Last thing I remember, those dogs were takin’ a bite outta my neck.  As much as I wish I had nine lives, I ain’t no cat, if you noticed.”

“Oh I noticed.” She laughed, concealing her face. “Seems to me, you should be doing a little more thanking and a little less asking.”

“Now don’t take it the wrong way, cher.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate ya healin’ me with whatever voodoo you do, but you’ve gotta see this from my perspective.” He gave a small chuckle as his wrists tugged the straps taut. He glanced at his makeshift handcuffs, noticing she’d used belts to restrain him. “So ya want to tell me why I’m tied to the bed?  Believe me, I’m down with the kink as much as the next wolf.  But call me crazy, this doesn’t really seem on the up and up.”

“Sorry, lover boy, but I did it for my own safety.  You were a bit wild when I brought you here.  You know what they say when a dog gets hit by a car…it can bite out of fear and pain.”

“Hey now, no need for name calling.  There’s no dog here.  You got yourself a wolf, darlin’.”

“I know what you are.  Doesn’t matter.  I take my life pretty seriously.  I admit I’m not in the business of tying up men, but I can assure you that I trussed you up for self-preservation purposes only.”

Dimitri felt the lilt of her smile curl against his skin and silently cursed as his dick twitched in response.  He laughed inwardly at his predicament, as he jerked at his bindings.  Sure, he was tied up good.  On the up side, he’d survived the attack and had woken up with a beautiful woman next to him.  Not the optimal situation, but it could be worse.  He was alive and damn, if it didn’t turn him on to feel the top of her thigh brush against his own. ‘Bondage anytime anywhere’ just might become his new motto.  He knew it was wrong to be thinking about sex, given the seriousness of the situation, but hey, when in Rome…

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  1. Thanks so much for your terrific review of Dimitri’s book. I really appreciate you reading & reviewing my new release! ♥


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