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Love Historicals Presents.


Lost in a Kiss.

An Impassioned Redemption.

By Sydney Jane Baily.

Jameson Carter owns a gambling riverboat on the Mississippi, he has the ladies who work for him just to keep the men entertained while they are gambling, not in their rooms.

Josephine Holland owns a saloon where the women earned a living with a little extra attention to the customers.

Jameson will not take advantage of his employees ,so prefers to visit with the ladies who work for Josephine. Although the one he really wants is not available to customers.

Someone is set to cause trouble. The saloon is burned, potshots are taken when Jameson and Josephine are walking in the street, and then one of Jamesons girls is shot.

They need to find out who is out to kill them.


A light hearted fun read, with good characters and a good dose of who dunnit.

I will be on the look out for more by this author.


Love Like A River.

By Jill Hughey.

Gratia is lonely because her new husband has been away on service to the Emperor for six months, so she goes to visit her sister. Gratia at one time fancied herself in love with the man who later married her sister. While she is visiting, her brother in law comes home from his term of service, bringing with him people who have been at the same place as her husband. One of the women is being overly friendly , she tells Gratia many things that upset her.

Leo has had to come chasing across the country to find his wife. After six months away he expected to find her waiting at home. When he finds his wife she is furious with him, because of what she has heard.


This is a very short story about Trust and learning about each other. Hard to get excited about such a short story.


Maknab´s Revenge.

By Anna Markland.

This is a stand alone novella that links to the FitzRam family series. A marvellous medieval romance.

Ingram Maknab is returning home to the Lowlands of Scotland and the home he was ejected from many years before. Kolbrand´s Path is his birthright and he will claim it by any means possible.

Ruby Buchan is horrified when her father tells her she has to marry a man she detests just so her brother can be declared heir to Kolbrand´s Path. The man she is to marry is said to have the ear of King David.

Ingram is amazed at how easily Ruby falls into his hands ,by trying to run from her betrothed. Things go far too easily . Ruby´s betrothed turns up to prove a big problem .


I love the series that this is connected to, and this ties up a lose end. As usual with Anna´s books the history shines through to give us a true taste of the life her characters lived. With twists and turns combined with humour and a beautiful love story.

I read every one of Anna Markland´s books I can get my hands on.


Winter Wind

By Nancy Morse.

This is a Native American Historical romance. It reads like a continuation of a series.

Black Moon is a war chief of the Lakota people. He has been out scouting the area , and watching the ever increasing number of bluecoat soldiers and white settlers come into the lands of his people. When he returns to his village it is to hear from a trader that another tribe has suffered at the hands of the Bluecoats with many women and children being murdered.

Katie is Black moon´s white wife , the daughter of a trader killed when the soliders wiped out a village he was trading in. They have been together for a few years , and have suffered the loss of their first child at birth.

With this news of the bluecoats latest killings Black moon must lead his people to war. What effect will this have on his wife ?


I found this story spends too many words describing things in a way that might make sense to the Native Americans reading it , but for me being English not so much. Possibly if I had read the books that I assume came before I would have enjoyed it more.


Cherished Protector of Her Heart.

By Laurel O´Donnell.

This story is a follow up to Angel´s Assassin, which I have already read. Because of that I don´t want to tell you too much about this incase it spoils the preceding book for you.

I will say that if you have a man who was sold into slavery by his father as a child ,then trained as an assassin, You must expect his past to come and bite him.

Our hero has won the love of a wellborn Lady, and the wedding is about to take place. The nobles that come to attend do not all have good intentions.

Definitly an entertaining read , This author never fails to please.


The Morgans Of Rocky Ridge, Will.

By Margery Scott.

This is a historical western romance, part of the Morgans of Rocky Ridge series.

Will has come to town to help repair his brother´s saloon after a big brawl almost destroyed it. Because it is near the independence day celebrations the hotel is full. He finds lodging with a young widow for the price of repairs to her boarding house. Will has every intention of leaving town after the repairs are finished ,and going to try his luck on the new gold fields.

Virginia is struggling to cope with the repairs to her house and the grief of her young son. He has hardly spoken to her since his father died. Virginia knows her son blames her for his father´s death , and in her mind she does as well.


This is a sweet romance set in the west in 1865. When the women felt the need to be perfect ,and the men the need to protect. I found this an enjoyable read, even though it is not really my normal reading style. It is just a little too sweet and innocent for my taste.


Knight´s Kiss.

By Lana Williams.

This is a medieval romance, set in England 1249.

Sir Hugh is visiting the market city of Ermine on behalf of his friend . The lord of this city is rumoured to be having meetings with other Lords with treasonous intentions. It is Hugh´s job to find out if it is true, and if possible find out who else is involved.

Lisa is a widow who brews and sells the best ale in the area. Her sister is working up at the keep for the Lord. Lisa is ordered by the Lord´s steward to find out what the visiting Knights are after, if she doesn´t do as she is told her sister will suffer.


This is from an author I have never read before. It is quite short but is enough to tell me That I will be looking for more from her. There is intrigue ,action and a good dose of romance. I really enjoyed it.



By Cynthia Woolf.

This book is set in Colorado 1893 and is obviously an after the H.E.A.

Duncan and Catherine have been married for several years and have two young children. Duncan has just received a letter that could give him an inheritance. They do not need it , but to find he has family that he knew nothing about spurs his curiosity. Duncan plans for a honeymoon that they never had. That way he can meet up with some old friends and find out if he wants to claim his birthright.

Catherine is enjoying the life they have now on a horse breeding ranch. She has a little secret of her own that she will not tell Duncan just yet.

This book is a teaser to me , because I have never read any from this author before. Now I have to go and find the books that this one follows. The story that this hints at sounds really fun. Both Duncan and Cat are intriguing characters. Duncan has a history with the famous Bill Cody and his Wild West Show, and Catherine obviously has a reason to be a crack shot. I am definitely going to look for the other books.


The authors can be reached through this link :

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A Visit with Anna Markland.

My friend Anna Markland the author of so many great Historical romance books asked me a while ago to tell her about my love of the genre. I am NOT an author so it was like goin back to school and getting a homework assignment .Maybe if I had a teacher like Anna when I was at school I would have concentrated more. However I wrote my essay and Anna is publishing it and a review I wrote for The Blood of The Red Rose.on her website today. So please go and visit her site through this link. to discover more about her great books. Some of which are pictured here.








               ROVER BOLD

I received an A.R.C. of this book but that will not colour my review in any way.
This book is about the Viking ancestors of the Mountbryce family that our author has written many very good books about.

Bryk Gardbruker is a Norseman who has been sickened by the behavior of some of his comrades when they have been “a Viking”. However when his chieftain declares they must leave the frozen wasteland  of Norway that has been home for the richer land of Francia, he knows it is right.  Bryk is now a farmer who grows apple trees, so he takes the root stock of his trees with him on the search for better land.
The Norsemen take many longboats and head south. The villages along the banks of the river Seine have seen a few Viking raids in the past. This time the chieftain is planing to go further in land and create a settlement. 
The abbey convent of Saint Catherine of Alexandria sits on top of a hill.  That has saved it and It’s occupants from raids in the past. Cathryn was a foundling abandoned on the doorstep of the convent at birth. She has grown up and studied under the care of the nuns. Cathryn’s favourite work is illuminating manuscripts. Because of that job she her friend Kaia  and an elderly nun sister Ekaterina are sent down to an abbey near the river to work.The Viking hoard make camp on an island in the mouth of the river, and Bryk is sent out to lead a small scouting party to find horses. He finds a bonus  ,a beautiful girl and an almost undefended village. He is intent on taking both.

The richness of history in this story is wonderful. The characters come alive on the page. I particularly liked the old nun, she is so funny. The story shows us that not all the Norsemen were evil rapists. Some were just looking for a better life.
A great book wonderfully written.

Buy from Amazon with this linkThe Rover Bold (Viking Roots Medieval Romance Saga Book 1)

Twin Troubles.


Sinful Passions.
.            By Anna Markland.

I have been lucky enough to get an A.R.C. copy of this book. I promise that doesn’t colour my review.
This book links to previous stories about the Mountbryce and FitzRam families, but you could easily read it as a stand alone.
There are two couples featured here. One of the heroes is twin brother to one of the heroines, so that is only right that their stories ate told together.
Bronson FitzRam is on his way to claim an inheritance.  A property that is quite close to his distant relative’s castle. His sister Suannoch (known as Swan) is on her way to a convent, but has been permitted to travel with her brother to see her relatives.
There is a very political meeting happening at the castle. That means many changes and some danger to come.
Roderick is the heir to the earldom, and his twin sister , Grace  has just come home after being widowed. Grace’s marriage had been a very unhappy one. She is pleased to have left her stepson with his father’s property.
Bronson has been married and widowed twice.  Losing both wives to childbirth.  He has declared he will not risk marrying again.
Swan is furious over being sent to a convent just because her betrothed died. She is determined to enjoy her last days of freedom.
Roderick and Grace’s father , the  Earl of Ellesmere, has a very difficult decision to make that will affect the lives of many people.
Some of the danger facing them is personal. Some is the normal work of knights in a time of political upheaval.
They also undertake a very long journey.
There was a paragraph that I highlighted, something I have never done before, but it just made me giggle. One of the heroes is badly wounded and they put a poultice on him. The list of ingredients made it sound like she was going to put him in the oven to roast.
Lots of fascinating historical facts mixed in with a beautiful story. If my history classes at school had been as interesting I might have studied more.
Keep these wonderful stories coming Anna. I love them.

Have a Wonderful Read

Family Values


              Fatal Truths
        By Anna Markland.

I was lucky enough to be given an A.R.C. of this from the author, but that doesn’t colour my review. 
I have read and loved every one of the books concerning this family. The Montbryces have been a big part of the politics surrounding the throne since the days before William the Conquer.
This book is Alexandre’s  the 4th Comte de Montbryce.  He lives in the family seat in Normandy. Alex has never seen the need to marry, his brothers can carry on the line. Now he is expected to house two children as hostages to ensure the behavior of their grandfather King David of Scotland.
King David has his own agenda and is sending Elayne and her twins to Normandy. The twins are the kings grandchildren but from his illegitimate son. Elayne has to pretend to be the children’s nanny. Nobody is to know that the children aren’t the legitimate heirs  or that Elayne is their mother.
I don’t want to say too much about the story line, it would spoil it for you. There are some wonderful insights into the history of the time and this particular family. The description of the tapestry is lovely and educational. We have two very brave children, and one heroic dog. In a story that shows how a family colours the things we value most. Alex must face some personal demons to get his head straight.  Elayne is faced with people who will know the truth.
A wonderful trip through a fascinating part of history, and a very moving love story.  For those of you who might not have read the other books it is quite safe to read this as a stand alone ,but don’t read the family tree until you finish the book. I assure you once you have read this or any of the books about this incredible family you will want to read them all. 

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