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                LOST SOUL.
           BY T.G.AYER.
Darkworld Skin Walker. Series book #2

This series must be read in order. This one follows on directly from the first.
Our heroine Kailin must rescue her friend and her mother from the realm of the wraiths. She also has to find out  where her sister is and rescue her.
Kailin’s grandmother pops in and gives her some very useful trinkets.
When a wound that Kailin received goes poisonous Logan uses his fire magic to lessen the symptoms.  The poison just subsides but then flares up again. That will not stop her from fighting and killing the demons that need killing.

Very exciting non stop action.  Some new characters both good and very bad ones. The sweet romance is coming along nicely.
Now I have the A.R.C. of book #3 to read. I’m a lucky girl.

Buy from Amazon with this link.Lost Soul (DarkWorld: SkinWalker Book 2)



Her Wicked Angel.

Her Wicked Angel.

By Felicity Heaton.

Her Angels series, book 6.

This is a series that must be read in order, or you will not understand the relationships between the characters.

Asmodeus is the Devil´s right hand man, and the evil twin to Appolyon. He is sent to Earth for the first time in his very long life to collect a woman. In Hell he is all powerful and knows exactly what he is doing. That is not the case on Earth.

Liora is the woman he is supposed to take to his boss, but as soon as he sees her there is no way he will turn her over. She can see through his glamour to his true appearance . That is because she is a witch. Liora is usually in trouble for being rebellious and she has a dangerous temper. The only place he knows will be safe for her is back in Hell at his castle with him and his pets to protect her. That is until they get a visit from a dragon. Asmodeus has to find somewhere to stash Liora with someone capable of protecting her ,while he comes back to kill the Devil. The only people strong enough are the Angels and their mates but they all hate him because of is boss.

I don´t want to tell you any more about the story and spoil it.I fell in love with Asmodeus . Someone who is so wicked but is also so innocent. The king of Demons has a soft center. Liora is a little on the wicked side herself. Asmodeus´ pets are adorable and great fun. The fights are awesome and the sex scenes HOT but not crude. Just the way I like it. I am now ready for Nevar´s story , I am lucky I have an A.R.C. of it to review.

Buy Fro Amazon With this link.Her Wicked Angel (Her Angel Romance Series Book 6)


Leopold´s Wicked Embrace.

Leopold´s Wicked Embrace.

By Kym Grosso.

Immortals of New Orleans ,book 5.


Leopold is furious when he finds a werewolf pup dying in the snow at Yellowstone. After getting her to safety he calls on the local Alpha to find out who would allow this to happen to an innocent. He discovers the baby is much more than a wolf. Now he must find a similar being to help little Ava. Even as an ancient vampire he has never met another with similar powers.

Laryssa has been hiding what she is for most of her life, but recently she has felt the dark ones are close to finding her. She needs to meet a friend who is a witch to build up her defences again.

While Laryssa is waiting in the club for her friend, Leopold walks in and upsets her concentration. Later in the evening trouble breaks out in the club. The owner , who Leopold is visiting tells him to watch the security tape. What he sees is exactly the powers he is searching for. Now he just has to persuade her to help him.

Leopold is used to getting his own way ALL the time, why is this terrified little woman so unafraid of him.


I loved this story ,it´s the best in the series so far. A very naughty sexy read for adults only. As usual KYM manages to write really erotic scenes without being the slightest bit crude. The fight scenes are intense and scary. The world Leopold inhabits is not for the feint hearted. Once again in this book we meet some old friends especially Dimitri. I can´t wait for his story he is so mischievious.

Buy from Amazon with this link.Léopold’s Wicked Embrace (Immortals of New Orleans #5)



Her Avenging Angel (Her Angel Romance Series Book 7)
Felicity Heaton
Once a proud angel of Heaven, Nevar is now a servant of Hell, bound to a new master—the King of Demons. Consumed by darkness and driven to seek revenge, he set in motion a series of events that awakened the Great Destroyer, a force that will bring about the apocalypse. Now, he is the creature’s master and the fate of our world rests in the hands of an angel with only darkness in his heart.

Lost in the mortal realm without any recollection of how she came to be there, Lysia is only aware that she has survived a great battle. When she stumbles into a demon bar, she finds more than a chance to discover what happened to her—she finds a dark and deadly angel warrior who stirs fire in her veins and awakens soul-searing passion she cannot deny.

With the mounting threat of the Great Destroyer, the forces of Heaven and Hell against him, and a band of dangerous angels intent on capturing Lysia on his heels, can Nevar protect the beautiful woman who is light to his darkness and find the strength to save the world?

Read on for a sneak preview of Her Avenging Angel!

Her Avenging Angel is due for release in ebook and paperback on October 11th 2014 and will be available from all major online book retailers. Pre-order links available soon at:

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Books in the Her Angel paranormal romance series:
Book 1: Her Dark Angel – FREE in ebook at selected retailers
Book 2: Her Fallen Angel
Book 3: Her Warrior Angel
Book 4: Her Guardian Angel
Book 5: Her Demonic Angel
Book 6: Her Wicked Angel
Book 7: Her Avenging Angel

Lysia hovered by the entrance of the inn, unsure whether to enter or leave. Her stomach gurgled again, making her decision for her. She had to stay. There were colourful glass bottles lining the wall to her right and demons there were serving drinks to people who lined a long black bar. If they had mead and other liquids then perhaps they had food for her.

She moved deeper into the room and everyone turned to stare at her, their eyes wide. She frowned at them all. Why did they stare? She thought them all strange but she wasn’t being rude by staring at them. If she hadn’t been so hungry, she would have asked them, or forced them to tell her the reason.

She pushed through a group of male demons, all of which were wearing their human forms, and they turned on her. Their growls died as their eyes fell on her and they parted, staring as she passed.

Lysia leaned against the tacky black bar top.

A man walked over to her, tossed a rag over his shoulder, and smiled.

“What’ll it be?”

“I require sustenance.”

He frowned, a puzzled edge to his dark eyes, and shook his head.

Lysia tried again. “I must eat.”

He waved his right hand and another man joined him, a blond with pale eyes.

“Problem?” the blond said.

“Not getting this one,” the brunet responded.

The blond raked his eyes over her, his right brow quirking. “Taking things a bit far, aren’t we? You want something?”

She nodded. “I need sustenance.”

He looked at his friend and shrugged. “I don’t understand her.”

What was there to understand? She only wanted food.


The two men walked away, serving others who seemed to have no problem ordering what they desired and receiving it. She cursed them and everyone who communicated with them with ease. While she could understand many languages, she could write and speak only one. Without being able to speak to the serving staff, she had no chance of getting blood.

A woman beside her cast a glance her way, looked down at herself, and slipped off her seat and walked away, disappearing into the heavy crowd.

Lysia sighed, perched herself on the seat, and leaned on the bar with her forehead resting on her arms. She was warmer inside this noisy inn but still hungry, and still tired. She needed to feed. How?

A male stopped to her left.

She turned her head towards him and ran her eyes up from the waist of his impeccable crisp black suit to his shoulders and then his face. Vampire. She knew his kind and could see through his façade to the wretched monster beneath. He smiled, his fangs on show to her and his pale blue eyes swirling with ill intentions.

“Having trouble?” The dark-haired vampire leaned his left elbow on the bar beside her and she sat up.

She nodded. “I need to order blood.”

He frowned at her and her heart sank. He didn’t understand her either.

“What language is that? I’m afraid I’m not familiar with it. Can you mime what you want?” He shifted closer and she focused hard on every word he said, listening closely so she could grasp the words he used and use them too.

He smiled a little wider, and shifted a little closer. His gaze drifted down to her chest and back up again.

“Mime?” He made a show of using his hands to make shapes.

She was about to do as he asked when he danced his fingers over her left shoulder.

A cold shiver ran over her flesh and skated down her spine.

Lysia flicked her right wrist and hurled him across the room, scattering the crowd and ripping a few shocked gasps from them.

A male further along the bar looked her way.

She froze as her eyes met his, heat pulsing through her, a visceral throb that reached right down to her bones.

The male was handsome, but darkness clung to him, danger that called to her and lured her to him. There was evil in him.

He would know her tongue.

He raised a glass filled with green liquid and tipped his head, causing threads of his silver-white hair to fall and brush his brow. He swept them back and she caught a brief glimpse of tiny horns above his ears. Her belly flipped and heated.

“Kudos for giving Villandry hell,” he said above the thumping music, his deep rumbling voice doing funny things to her insides and turning her knees to rubber.

She presumed Villandry was the name of the vampire now picking himself up off the floor across the busy room. She wasn’t sure what kudos meant though.

Lysia swallowed her trembling heart, slipped off her seat and approached the pale-haired male with all the confidence she could muster when he was staring at her, his jade eyes burning into her body and setting her aflame.

Rousing strange feelings within her.

She halted beside him.

He swivelled to face her, set his drink down on the bar but kept his left hand on the stem of the elegant glass, and raised an eyebrow.

“Why are you naked?”

He held his right hand out and black material appeared in it. He offered it to her.

Lysia took it and stared at it, unsure what to do with it.

The male huffed, released his drink and stood, managing to tower over her despite the fact she was taller than the other females present. He moved closer to her and took the material back, but she didn’t notice it leaving her hands. The heat radiating from his big body washed over her, cocooning her in warmth and strengthening the feelings stirring in the pit of her belly.

She stared down at the strip of cut, hard muscles visible between the armoured plates around his hips and his breastplate. A warrior. Her heart accelerated. Her breathing quickened. She dragged her eyes back up to his face and found he wasn’t looking at her. He busied himself with slipping her arms into the garment he had made for her and she busied herself with memorising every sculpted plane of his face, from his straight nose and strong jaw, to his firm lips as they compressed into a mulish line.

She inched her gaze up higher, to the stunning jade eyes that were focused on their work with an intensity that made her ache inside with a desire to have them locked on hers with the same ferocity.

They shifted to meet hers and then dropped, a fascinating glimmer of shyness in them that lasted only a heartbeat before coldness swept in to wash it away.

He tugged the material closed over her front and tied a belt around her waist, fastening the garment in place.

“There,” he murmured, “now people will stop looking at you funnily, and you can stop looking at me funnily.”

He stepped back, a scowl darkening his striking eyes. She hadn’t been looking at him strangely. She was merely fascinated by him. Now that she was close to him, she could sense the depth of the darkness within him but something else countered it, something she could only describe as good. There was more to the male before her than she had anticipated, and it made the pull she felt towards him grow stronger.

She looked herself over. The sleeves were too long, concealing her hands, and the material reached her ankles. The garment covered all of her, leaving nothing on show. Had that been his intention?

“What do you want?” he said, bringing her focus back to him.

She lifted her eyes to meet his. “Blood.”

He back peddled, almost falling over his seat, a flicker of something dark crossing his handsome face. His eyes shone pure violet.

He had eyes like hers.

And he understood her.

“Leave me alone,” he barked and snatched up his drink with a shaky hand. He downed it, slammed the glass back onto the bar top, and shoved it forwards, away from him. “I’m not interested.”

Lysia frowned and shrank back. Why was he rejecting her company? He had given her something to wear, had seemed concerned about her, and now he was pushing her away. She clutched the robe over her chest in both hands and risked a step closer to him instead.

“I only desire blood… but I cannot order it.”

His violet gaze darted to her and away again. A shadow settled on his troubled features, turning them grim. He looked down into her eyes for long seconds, stealing all of her attention, sucking it away from the room and her surroundings.

He raised his hand and she flinched away, anticipating the strike.

It didn’t happen.

She squinted, remaining held away from him, and looked up into his eyes.

He cocked a single pale eyebrow and waved his left hand. The brunet male behind the bar came to them. He had been signalling the serving staff.

Lysia grimaced.

She had much to learn about this realm.

“Blood, straight up,” the white-haired male said.

The servant’s expression turned wary and he shifted foot to foot. “I’m not allowed to serve you blood, remember? You made me promise.”

He had? She canted her head, studying both men. Why had the man asked the servant not to give him blood? Did he drink it as she did?

The pale-haired warrior scrubbed a hand down his face and sighed. He pressed both hands into the bar, digging his black claws into the wood, and leaned forwards, closer to the man.

“It is not for me. It is for the woman.”

The brunet shrugged. “She has to order it then.”

The warrior tipped his head back, screwed his eyes shut and sighed, and she felt he was searching for calm. He drew several slow deep breaths before opening his eyes again and fixing them back on the barman.

“I do not think she knows how,” he said.

“I tried, but the man didn’t understand me.” That brought his gaze back to her and she shivered under the intensity of it.

“That would be because you are speaking a language this man doesn’t know… one I don’t have a fucking clue about either but for some godforsaken reason I can understand you.” He shoved his fingers through his hair, clawing it back until it tugged at his forehead, smoothing the skin, and ground his teeth. He released his head, dropped his hands to his sides, and huffed as he leaned over, bringing his face close to hers. “Repeat after me if you desire… blood.”

She nodded, noting that it had taken a lot of effort for him to speak that final word. Why?

She leaned closer to him, trying to shut out the noise of the room so she could hear every syllable that left his lips.

She watched how they moved as he spoke. How his tongue moved. How his teeth moved.

Her focus shattered.

He had fangs.

Made for drinking blood.

Yet he had asked the man not to serve it to him.

And she had asked him to speak of it, something which had evidently pained him.

She stepped back and his pale eyebrows dipped low above his now-green eyes.

“I’m sorry. I have troubled you with my request.” She went to turn away but he caught her arm in a vice-like grip, holding her firm. She looked down at his black fingers around her and the claws that blended into the robe he had given her, and then up into his eyes.

He shook his head and spoke again, slower this time. “A glass of blood, please.”

Lysia swallowed to wet her parched throat and spoke the sounds he had made, repeating them several times over and growing in confidence when he smiled, making her heart flutter in her chest. He nodded and jerked his head towards the brunet behind the bar.

She turned to face him. “A glass of blood, puh-leeese.”

“We’ll work on that last bit,” the warrior muttered beside her, a touch of warmth in his deep voice.

The man nodded. “That’s ten quid.”

Ten quid?

What was a quid and where did she find ten of them?

“Money,” the brunet said.

She looked down at herself. As the warrior had clearly mentioned, and this man knew, she had come here naked. She had no coin.

The warrior huffed and slammed two pieces of reddish paper down on the bar top. “It’s on me. Plus my usual.”

The bartender looked displeased and Lysia feared he wouldn’t give her the blood because the warrior was paying for it, and had requested this man not serve him blood.

She bared her fangs and growled at the brunet, preparing to attack.

“Down girl.” The white-haired warrior caught hold of her arm again, wrapping long fingers around it, and heat blazed through her.

She looked across at him, her eyes wide. He glared at the bartender.

The man heaved a sigh, swiped the money off the bar, and walked away. A sharp spear shot through her heart and she tried to pull away from the warrior to follow the man, afraid he wouldn’t return.

The warrior’s grip on her arm tightened and he pulled her closer, until her backside bumped against his thighs. An achy shiver bolted through her and she spun to face him, catching the shock in his eyes before he covered it. He had felt it too.

“He will be back with your drink and then you can leave me alone,” he said in a gruff tone, released her and sat back on his seat, turning his profile to her.

Lysia’s heartbeat began to climb, awareness of the people around her creeping back in. The vampire was on his feet again and glaring at her. Others stared her way too. Some of them not mortal. She didn’t like how they watched her, not when she was weak.

Only the warrior felt as if he wasn’t a threat to her and that he would protect her rather than seek to harm her.

She didn’t want to leave his side.

The brunet returned as the warrior had said, bringing an elegant glass of green liquid for him and one filled with dark liquid. He set that one down in front of her and moved off to serve another patron.

The warrior eyed her expectantly.

He wanted her to leave.

Lysia sucked down a breath for courage and reminded herself that she was a warrior too and as powerful as any of these beings on her best day. Today was not her best day though and it was wreaking havoc on her courage, leaving her feeling vulnerable. She was injured, starving, and everything around her felt so alien and unfamiliar.

Except for him.

He made her feel safe.

She made sure she had all of his attention before she whispered, “Allow me to stay. The men here mean me harm.”

His face darkened, his jade eyes swirling into blazing violet, and he slid his deadly gaze towards those staring at her.

She felt their eyes leave her.

“Sit,” he growled, more a command than a request, and she obeyed.

She took the stool beside him, swivelled to face the bar and picked up her glass. She sipped the blood, her gums itching and fangs aching to descend. She wanted to gulp it down but it was such a small quantity and she didn’t think the warrior would buy her more.

It wasn’t enough to appease her hunger. It would only take the edge off it.

She would need more and her heart said she knew where she wanted her next meal to come from.

Her gaze slid to the warrior, settling on his strong neck and the pulse hammering there, powerful and steady, a beat that called to her.

She wanted to bite him.

Her Avenging Angel is due for release in ebook and paperback on October 11th 2014 and will be available from all major online book retailers. Pre-order links available soon at:

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Books in the Her Angel paranormal romance series:
Book 1: Her Dark Angel – FREE in ebook at selected retailers
Book 2: Her Fallen Angel
Book 3: Her Warrior Angel
Book 4: Her Guardian Angel
Book 5: Her Demonic Angel
Book 6: Her Wicked Angel
Book 7: Her Avenging Angel


About Felicity Heaton:
Felicity Heaton is a New York Times and USA Today international best-selling author writing passionate paranormal romance books. In her books, she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! If you’re a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will enjoy her books too.

If you love your angels a little dark and wicked, the best-selling Her Angel series is for you. If you like strong, powerful, and dark vampires then try the Vampires Realm series or any of her stand-alone vampire romance books. If you’re looking for vampire romances that are sinful, passionate and erotic then try the best-selling Vampire Erotic Theatre series. Or if you prefer huge detailed worlds filled with hot-blooded alpha males in every species, from elves to demons to dragons to shifters and angels, then take a look at the new Eternal Mates series.

If you want to know more about Felicity, or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places:


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To Hell for the Truth




Her Angel series book 5
This book follows Her Guardian Angel, and must be read after it.

Erin is a prisoner in Hell, she was taken as bait to force her sister to come down and rescue her. Erin’s sister and her Mate have called on a friend to make the rescue for them. Veiron is an Angel in the service of the Devil, but he hates his boss . To get into Hell and out again safely he can’t risk using any of his powers. Getting Erin out of there doesn’t stop the risk to her, now they must join up with her sister and find out why. After the experience with the demons that are after Erin ,Veiron is sure she will be terrified when she finds out what he is. Erin,Veiron,Amelia and Marcus are all being used as pawns in the power struggle between Heaven and Hell.  The problem is nobody is playing fair. The rules change all the time. They have to go back into Hell to find the truth.

This is an action packed series set in a world full of all sorts of powerful beings. The story behind it all drags you into it so much you are ducking the fireballs being thrown around. The fights are vicious, the sex HOT. (Not crude)  I will be reading the next in this series very soon.

Buy from Amazon with this link. Her Demonic Angel: Her Angel Romance Series: 5





              HER GUARDIAN ANGEL.
This is from a series, but apart from meeting the couples from the previous books, you could read it as a stand alone.
Marcus is one of Heavens Guardian Angels. He has been tasked with guarding Amelia all her life. Recently his superior sent him down to earth to better protect her . He has moved in to the apartment next door. Marcus has never had any dealings with mortals before, even though he has watched Amelia he doesn’t really know her. He has always done as his superior has commanded, but with this mission they are holding back on what he is sure are vital details.
Amelia’s life has not been easy, and her choice of men disastrous.  When Marcus sorts out a problem with her ex boyfriend, she knows he is too good go be True. Guarding Amelia is proving to be next to impossible.  Especially when his superior refuses to tell him who is out to kill her. Marcus has to call on a few friends to help.

Another great story,full of twists and turns. Loyalty is the key in this book. How far can a man be pushed before he rebels? The HOT love scenes are beautiful, and written without bad words. The fights are incredible and so well designed they are like a dance. This is a marvellous series. 

Buy from Amazon with this link.Her Guardian Angel: Her Angel Romance Series: 4




Olivia is a medical scientist working for the Archangel organization.  She has had traumatic dealings with Vampires and Demons in the past, but is still doing her best to help build a good relationship between  humans and the supernatural beings.
When a severely injured male is dumped on the doorstep of Archangel Olivia can’t wait to examin him. If he is a totally different species, as she believes, she might get back in her bosses good books.
Prince Loren wakes up to find a beautiful woman examining his naked body. One taste and he knows she is his Mate. He can’t let himself be distracted by her, he is too busy fighting his brother, and trying to protect his realm. Loren is weakened just by Olivia’s presence.  She is making him half crazy with the need he feels.
The connection between them has disastrous consequence for Olivia’s workmates. This is not the first time she has brought trouble to the people of Archangel. Olivia is determined to find a way to be free of Loren, because she doesn’t want to take the risk again.
This is a very exciting start to what I am sure will be a great series. The action is non stop, the sex scenes scorching HOT. Without the use of any naughty words. The secondary characters make you know you are going to read the next book just to find out what happens to them. And the fight scenes make you want to hide behind something so as not to get caught in the crossfire.
I for one can’t wait to read more.

buy from Amazon with this link.Kissed by a Dark Prince (Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series Book 1)<a href=

Dark Fates


I was lucky enough to recieve an A.R.C. of this before the reléase, but that will not color my review in any way.

This story is part of the Redwood Pack series

Emeline is an Elder of the pack and is 500yrs old. Like all wolves she only appears to be in her 20s. She has lived in with the other elders until recently, and is just getting used to being on her own. At the moment she is working with the pack healers to cure someone from a magically caused blindness.
Noah is a doctor and a young wolf at only 28 years old. He has known since he first met Em that she is a potential Mate. Until she realizes it he will just have to court her, while they work together to find the right mix of magic and medicine to heal his friend. Em sees herself as an old woman and Noah as a very young man with all his life to find his Mate. Someone in the pack is horrified When they see the growing attraction between Noah and Em, and decides to put a stop to it.

This is a fun addition to a great series. With lots of action and sexy love scenes. It doesn’t matter If you read it out of sequence.  The story stands well on It’s own. But does contain a few spoilers If like me you’re not yet up to date.
I skipped the cast list at the beginning because I didn’t want to spoil the books I haven’t read yet.

This is obviously part of a series, but not one I have read YET.

All the ancient Gods are having a competition to see who’s followers are the strongest, It’s called The Games of the Gods. These games are carried out in the human world. Supposedly to keep them fair, and honest.
Tariq and his team of jackels represent Anubis the Egyptian  God.  Tariq has had part of his soul stolen by the God Set.  He is an evil cheat.
Eden is just a human,(she thinks) who stumbles into a fight between Tariq’s team and the Greek team. They try to erase her memory. Eden has always had dreams of other times. Now Set is after her for something she has made. Tariq must keep her out of Set’s reach as long as possible.
There seems to be a connection between them, as If they have met before.
I found this a little confusing  until I got into it. I think If I had read the earlier books it would be better. I definitely want to read all of them now. A very HOT read.


This story stands alone well, but is probably from a very good series that  I’m going to find.

Hayden has been made alpha of the Napa pack. He is happily making wine and hoping he will be a good alpha. There have been several werewolves murdered recently by the group known as the True Believers. A crazy woman comes to winery saying she knows all about Hayden and his pack, and insists that they are in grave danger.
Chelsea has suffered with visions for years.  The True Believers took her off the streets, to experiment on her and use her visions. While she is having what she calls an episode she escapes ,and finds her way to Hayden to save him. The problem for both of them is, when she comes out of her episode she doesn’t remember any of it.
A very good emotional story, that has drawn me in. I’m now off to find the series it is part of.

This story stands alone well but definitely tempts me to get the rest of the series.

Ashwood and Moonriver packs are pulling their lives back together after a destructive attack. The Jaguars and Wolves working  hard to put defenses in place and re-build.
Cora has lost her whole family and her wolf is terrified and hiding deep inside her. As a submissive Cora finds it hard to cope, or ask for help. She has known for ages that Torin is her Mate,but he is a strong dominant enforcer. He deserves better than a broken wolf.
Torin needs Cora as his Mate but knows how scared she is.  He has to make her strong enough to take her place by his side.
The pack still face danger from outside. A very emotional and beautiful love story.
I will be getting the series. 


This story seems to be a stand alone.
Lisbetta  is a very lonely vampire. She has spent her six hundred years taking revenge on her first maker. Sargon is an extremely powerful master vampire,  who  rescued her from the evil one  who turned her, and has helped and loved her ever since. Lisbetta is finding it difficult to trust anyone. Because her turning was a nightmare that lasted years,she has always refused to make a progeny.  Tyler is a mature man who knows what he wants, and will do anything it takes to make the beautiful Lisbetta his. The sexy cowboy has to make a life changing  decision. With the help of Sargon who will do anything to make Lisbetta happy,  Tyler will convince her they should be together forever.

This story is about learning to give yourself totally to love in all It’s forms.  A very sexy short story.


This story is from the Watchers series.  The Watchers are the ones who keep work to keep the balance between Heaven and Hell. A triumvirate made up of a Nephilim, a Demon and a Witch are in charge.
Jubilee Spector is running for her life from drug dealers out to kill her. She has ratted them out in an attempt to protect her brother. A door opens as she is running, so she bolts through it. One look of the nearly naked man in the room and Jubilee thinks it might be safer outside.
Fox Arada is a fox shifter for the Watchers. He is on leave for two days. When  the Jubilee’s fight comes to his room, he finishes it. The problem now is the girl has seen what he is,that is forbidden. Fox decides to protect Jubilee even from his bosses. The need he has to save her is so strong it allows him to defy the blood bond.   When his boss shows up they find out that Jubilee is a lot more than even she knew.
This is a very exciting story that has got my one click finger itching. I’m off now to find this series. 

This whole anthology has been brilliant.  There are new to me authors to read lots more from. They are all sexy stories of varying heat levels. Paranormal romance of all types. Vampire,Shifters, Demons and even Angels. Great fun.

Demon Problems.



.                   ★★★★☆

The first in the Otherworld series.  Three sisters living in the Earth realm and working for the O.I.A. that is Otherworld Intelligence Agency. The sisters are half human and half Faerie. Unfortunately being half bloods messes with their Magical abilities. Each sister has different talents. 
This is Camilla’s story and is told from her point of view.
Camilla is a witch, but sometimes her spells backfire. Jock the giant, doorman of the nightclub has been murdered. The nightclub guards one of the portals between the realms. Camilla and her human partner Chase discover that three demons have escaped through the portal into Earth’s realm. If the demons find what they are looking for it will be Hell on earth and in Otherworld.
Camilla,Chase and the sisters must find whatever the demons are after before they do. There are several other magical beings that help them along the way.

I wouldn’t really class this as a romance although there are a couple of love scenes.  They are mild, so I think suitable for a Y.A. audience. Very funny in parts, with lots of action and good secondary characters. (For the next books)  Pure escapism. Good fun
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