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                LOST SOUL.
           BY T.G.AYER.
Darkworld Skin Walker. Series book #2

This series must be read in order. This one follows on directly from the first.
Our heroine Kailin must rescue her friend and her mother from the realm of the wraiths. She also has to find out  where her sister is and rescue her.
Kailin’s grandmother pops in and gives her some very useful trinkets.
When a wound that Kailin received goes poisonous Logan uses his fire magic to lessen the symptoms.  The poison just subsides but then flares up again. That will not stop her from fighting and killing the demons that need killing.

Very exciting non stop action.  Some new characters both good and very bad ones. The sweet romance is coming along nicely.
Now I have the A.R.C. of book #3 to read. I’m a lucky girl.

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Kailin is a skin walker. That means she can transform herself into a panther.  She has left her alpha father’s colony to live in the city. She works as a youth councillor . The people she works with have No idea of the “others”  that share the world with them. Kailin also hunts Wraiths.  They are soul sucking demons.
Logan is a Fire Mage, who works for Omega.  That is a police force that deals with “special “cases.  When Someone dumps a skinned body on Kailin’s doorstep and shoots her,  she finds herself with too much attention.
Both Kailin  and Logan must work to find who is targeting the skin walkers.

This book drew me in from the first page.  There are lots of twists and turns, with non stop action.  The romance is innocent but very important to the story. All sorts of magical happenings and incredible fights.
Suitable for any age group.  I am off to read the next book in the series

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This is the second book in the series.  It can easily be read as a stand alone. Although you would know the final result of the first book this one wouldn’t spoil it for you.
Aileen is a modern woman with an affinity to the earth magic. After her mother’s death her father buried himself in his work in Scotland.  Aileen is pleased when he sends for her to help him, but is still cross with him for abandoning her. When she gets to Scotland she finds that her parents have been hiding a lot of family secrets. When she runs off in a temper she stumbles through a veil in time, and meets a warrior that is groaning in pain.
Steven is a dragon Knight who has been punished by the Fae after the death of his sister. He has lost all belief in his position as a dragon Knight and hates the Fae for what they have done to him and his family.
The druids are being persecuted by the new church.  So must hide from them and a powerful enemy who is looking for vengeance. Steven has taken on the task of protecting them. 

This book has everything I look for in a good story. Sexy Highlander knights, time travel and magic. The characters are strong and great fun. The boy Ian is lovely.  The storyline keeps the pages flying by.
I will be reading the rest of the series when it is written, and am going to get the first one to read soon.



            BY ALYSSA DAY.
Warriors of Poseidon book #2

This is a series that must be read in order, or you won’t have a clue what’s happening. 
Erin is a witch with an affinity to gem stones. They enhance her power with their songs. The coven that Erin belongs to want to gain the help of the Warriors of Poseidon to destroy the vampires that are over running the town. The ancient vampire who is in control is Caligula the Roman emperor. He has already killed the rest of Erin’s family, and many from the coven.
Ven is the warrior known as the king’s vengeance.  Brother to the prince soon to become king. It’s his task to contact the witch to find out if they can work together.  Someone tries to stop the meeting from taking place by attacking Erin.  Ven rescues her from the attack and takes her to Atlantis where her gemstones seem to gain extra power. They sing songs differently  especially around Ven. Erin, Ven and the warriors must go and retrieve a Ruby that was once part of Poseidon ‘s Trident to save the lives of the Riley, the mate of Prince Conlan and her unborn baby.
This turns out to be a very dangerous mission.

A wonderful story full of action and great characters.  The relationships between the Warriors and the others that they  work with is great fun. I particularly like the big pussycat Jack. This is an adult story but has much more action than sex. This is a series that is easy to get addicted to.

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Leopold´s Wicked Embrace.

Leopold´s Wicked Embrace.

By Kym Grosso.

Immortals of New Orleans ,book 5.


Leopold is furious when he finds a werewolf pup dying in the snow at Yellowstone. After getting her to safety he calls on the local Alpha to find out who would allow this to happen to an innocent. He discovers the baby is much more than a wolf. Now he must find a similar being to help little Ava. Even as an ancient vampire he has never met another with similar powers.

Laryssa has been hiding what she is for most of her life, but recently she has felt the dark ones are close to finding her. She needs to meet a friend who is a witch to build up her defences again.

While Laryssa is waiting in the club for her friend, Leopold walks in and upsets her concentration. Later in the evening trouble breaks out in the club. The owner , who Leopold is visiting tells him to watch the security tape. What he sees is exactly the powers he is searching for. Now he just has to persuade her to help him.

Leopold is used to getting his own way ALL the time, why is this terrified little woman so unafraid of him.


I loved this story ,it´s the best in the series so far. A very naughty sexy read for adults only. As usual KYM manages to write really erotic scenes without being the slightest bit crude. The fight scenes are intense and scary. The world Leopold inhabits is not for the feint hearted. Once again in this book we meet some old friends especially Dimitri. I can´t wait for his story he is so mischievious.

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             STORM MISTRESS.
           BY BRANDY L. RIVERS.

I was lucky enough to receive an A.R.C. from the author, but that does not colour my review in any way.
Although this is book #2 in the series you could read it as a stand alone without missing anything.

Isadora is a bar owner in Seattle. She knows she has a little magic, because If there is danger her fingers spark. Isadora has a very special best friend. He has always been there for her.  She loves him in a way that she is sure he will never be interested in.
Toryn has been Isadora ‘s bodyguard for ten years. Sent by her father to protect her from the many fae who want to see her dead or use her for their own purposes. Isadora must go through an awakening to come into her full powers, but Toryn has been putting off telling her what she is. He knows the awakening can be traumatic and loves her too much to hurt her. Sex is the key to awakening and Isadora wants nobody except Toryn to take her through it. After the awakening Isadora has Lots of training to do to learn how to handle her magic. She must learn how to fight and protect herself because the evil ones are getting closer.

This story was so much fun. Isadora thinking Toryn is gay, but still wanting him so much. Toryn trying to keep his hands and everything else off the woman he wants more than his next breath. The Fae that we meet in this story are dangerous and sexy. I am addicted to this series already.  I can’t wait for the next book.

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Song of Love and Life.


             NIGHTS EMBRACE
.         BY BRANDY L. RIVERS.

  This series is set in the same world as Others of Edenton, but can be read separately. 

Roxy is an author, and a Singer in a band with her big brother.  The drummer in their band is her brother’s best friend and Roxy’s ex. He is refusing to accept the he and Roxy are over for good.  When they turn up to a gig one night, the Singer in the band performing before them captures her immediate attention.
Trevor is singing when he is mesmerized by the beautiful girl watching him. He stays to watch her sing before his band drag him away. Trevor is also a werewolf and there is not long until the full moon. He manages to track Roxy down because he knows she belongs to him.
Jordan, Roxy’s ex is proving difficult because he has a True need that only Roxy can calm.
There is someone from Trevor’s past that is out to kill him.  When that person finds out who his Mate is it creates even more danger. Roxy has put herself in the line of fire between two powerful enemies, but unbeknownst to her she has power of her own. The father she has never known turns up, to kill Trevor.
I don’t want to spoil this, so I won’t  tell you more. You need to read it.  The sex scenes are hot but not graphic.
This is a beautiful love story with a very powerful Magical plot. The secondary characters set us up nicely for the next book, and we revisit old friends from Edenton.  I am going straight on to the next book. (I’m lucky I have an A.R.C. )

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Unpick and Try Again.


.                 ★★★★★

This is the 2nd story from the Magical town of Sugar Maple. A town where all the inhabitants are supernatural.  The woman who is the mayor is our heroine Chloe, half human half witch. It is her powers that have to protect the town from discovery, or a dangerous fae. Chloe runs a shop that is famous in the knitting community. She gives lessons and sells everything any knitter could want.
Luke is Chloe’s human lover, sent to the town a few months before by the state capital to be the town’s acting chief of police. He is coming to terms with his town having people that are werewolves,Vampires,trolls and fairies. For Chloe he will cope with it.
Luke hasn’t told Chloe all he should have about his past. Karen is Luke’s ex-wife, she is being haunted by their dead child. She is convinced that little Steffie is urgently trying to speak to her.

This is a really fun read, but you need to have read the first story or you will not understand the town. For all of us who love knitting there is some bonus bits at the back of the book.

Laced with Magic

Wolves at War.



         A TASTE FOR A MATE.
          By Carrie Ann Ryan.
          Redwood Pack. Book 2.

Willow is working in her bakery, and day dreaming about the hunk that has been coming in each day. Jasper couldn’t stay away. It wasn’t the great cinnamon rolls that drew him it was Willow. After weeks of going in everyday he asks her for a date,and she agrees.
The Central pack have been dabbling in magic, and through a sacrifice have summoned a demon to help them in their fight against the Redwood pack. When they scent Jasper’s interest in Willow they kidnap her.
Willow didn’t even know there was such a thing as werewolves. Now she is in the middle of a war, between the two packs.
Jasper,Willow and the whole Redwood pack have a lot of heartache to come. There is also a lot of joy.
A fast paced sexy story from a great series.  Getting to know the pack is important so It’s best to read the books in order.

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Magical Journey.


       By Sky Purington.
The MacLomain series, Early Years.

A truly Magical time travel romance.
Caitronia Deveraux has come through time to help a young couple escape their clan to be together. The highland chieftain Alan Stewart has been brought through time also to help. Everything they do is to fulfill the prophesy, but Alan has been told a slightly different version than Caitronia.  The woman they must help is Ariana. She is promised to Alan’s childhood friend Iain MacLomain, but she is in love with Steven Broun.
There are lots of people with magic in their bodies that can be used in warfare as well as for healing. Their journey has them traveling through various portals in time. There is one of the old God’s “helping” them choose the right way.

Lots of adventure, tears and love in this story. You will want to read the rest of the series to find out what happens to the other characters you meet. I have read one of the others. Now I have to get the rest.

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This is also part of the boxed set 10 Timeless Heroes. 


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