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                LOST SOUL.
           BY T.G.AYER.
Darkworld Skin Walker. Series book #2

This series must be read in order. This one follows on directly from the first.
Our heroine Kailin must rescue her friend and her mother from the realm of the wraiths. She also has to find out  where her sister is and rescue her.
Kailin’s grandmother pops in and gives her some very useful trinkets.
When a wound that Kailin received goes poisonous Logan uses his fire magic to lessen the symptoms.  The poison just subsides but then flares up again. That will not stop her from fighting and killing the demons that need killing.

Very exciting non stop action.  Some new characters both good and very bad ones. The sweet romance is coming along nicely.
Now I have the A.R.C. of book #3 to read. I’m a lucky girl.

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Kailin is a skin walker. That means she can transform herself into a panther.  She has left her alpha father’s colony to live in the city. She works as a youth councillor . The people she works with have No idea of the “others”  that share the world with them. Kailin also hunts Wraiths.  They are soul sucking demons.
Logan is a Fire Mage, who works for Omega.  That is a police force that deals with “special “cases.  When Someone dumps a skinned body on Kailin’s doorstep and shoots her,  she finds herself with too much attention.
Both Kailin  and Logan must work to find who is targeting the skin walkers.

This book drew me in from the first page.  There are lots of twists and turns, with non stop action.  The romance is innocent but very important to the story. All sorts of magical happenings and incredible fights.
Suitable for any age group.  I am off to read the next book in the series

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Dark Fates


I was lucky enough to recieve an A.R.C. of this before the reléase, but that will not color my review in any way.

This story is part of the Redwood Pack series

Emeline is an Elder of the pack and is 500yrs old. Like all wolves she only appears to be in her 20s. She has lived in with the other elders until recently, and is just getting used to being on her own. At the moment she is working with the pack healers to cure someone from a magically caused blindness.
Noah is a doctor and a young wolf at only 28 years old. He has known since he first met Em that she is a potential Mate. Until she realizes it he will just have to court her, while they work together to find the right mix of magic and medicine to heal his friend. Em sees herself as an old woman and Noah as a very young man with all his life to find his Mate. Someone in the pack is horrified When they see the growing attraction between Noah and Em, and decides to put a stop to it.

This is a fun addition to a great series. With lots of action and sexy love scenes. It doesn’t matter If you read it out of sequence.  The story stands well on It’s own. But does contain a few spoilers If like me you’re not yet up to date.
I skipped the cast list at the beginning because I didn’t want to spoil the books I haven’t read yet.

This is obviously part of a series, but not one I have read YET.

All the ancient Gods are having a competition to see who’s followers are the strongest, It’s called The Games of the Gods. These games are carried out in the human world. Supposedly to keep them fair, and honest.
Tariq and his team of jackels represent Anubis the Egyptian  God.  Tariq has had part of his soul stolen by the God Set.  He is an evil cheat.
Eden is just a human,(she thinks) who stumbles into a fight between Tariq’s team and the Greek team. They try to erase her memory. Eden has always had dreams of other times. Now Set is after her for something she has made. Tariq must keep her out of Set’s reach as long as possible.
There seems to be a connection between them, as If they have met before.
I found this a little confusing  until I got into it. I think If I had read the earlier books it would be better. I definitely want to read all of them now. A very HOT read.


This story stands alone well, but is probably from a very good series that  I’m going to find.

Hayden has been made alpha of the Napa pack. He is happily making wine and hoping he will be a good alpha. There have been several werewolves murdered recently by the group known as the True Believers. A crazy woman comes to winery saying she knows all about Hayden and his pack, and insists that they are in grave danger.
Chelsea has suffered with visions for years.  The True Believers took her off the streets, to experiment on her and use her visions. While she is having what she calls an episode she escapes ,and finds her way to Hayden to save him. The problem for both of them is, when she comes out of her episode she doesn’t remember any of it.
A very good emotional story, that has drawn me in. I’m now off to find the series it is part of.

This story stands alone well but definitely tempts me to get the rest of the series.

Ashwood and Moonriver packs are pulling their lives back together after a destructive attack. The Jaguars and Wolves working  hard to put defenses in place and re-build.
Cora has lost her whole family and her wolf is terrified and hiding deep inside her. As a submissive Cora finds it hard to cope, or ask for help. She has known for ages that Torin is her Mate,but he is a strong dominant enforcer. He deserves better than a broken wolf.
Torin needs Cora as his Mate but knows how scared she is.  He has to make her strong enough to take her place by his side.
The pack still face danger from outside. A very emotional and beautiful love story.
I will be getting the series. 


This story seems to be a stand alone.
Lisbetta  is a very lonely vampire. She has spent her six hundred years taking revenge on her first maker. Sargon is an extremely powerful master vampire,  who  rescued her from the evil one  who turned her, and has helped and loved her ever since. Lisbetta is finding it difficult to trust anyone. Because her turning was a nightmare that lasted years,she has always refused to make a progeny.  Tyler is a mature man who knows what he wants, and will do anything it takes to make the beautiful Lisbetta his. The sexy cowboy has to make a life changing  decision. With the help of Sargon who will do anything to make Lisbetta happy,  Tyler will convince her they should be together forever.

This story is about learning to give yourself totally to love in all It’s forms.  A very sexy short story.


This story is from the Watchers series.  The Watchers are the ones who keep work to keep the balance between Heaven and Hell. A triumvirate made up of a Nephilim, a Demon and a Witch are in charge.
Jubilee Spector is running for her life from drug dealers out to kill her. She has ratted them out in an attempt to protect her brother. A door opens as she is running, so she bolts through it. One look of the nearly naked man in the room and Jubilee thinks it might be safer outside.
Fox Arada is a fox shifter for the Watchers. He is on leave for two days. When  the Jubilee’s fight comes to his room, he finishes it. The problem now is the girl has seen what he is,that is forbidden. Fox decides to protect Jubilee even from his bosses. The need he has to save her is so strong it allows him to defy the blood bond.   When his boss shows up they find out that Jubilee is a lot more than even she knew.
This is a very exciting story that has got my one click finger itching. I’m off now to find this series. 

This whole anthology has been brilliant.  There are new to me authors to read lots more from. They are all sexy stories of varying heat levels. Paranormal romance of all types. Vampire,Shifters, Demons and even Angels. Great fun.

Crazy Ex


             CRAVE MORE.

The beginning of the Tiger Nip series. 
Corrine is a tiger shifter. While she is enjoying an evening run in fur a very large male tiger appears on her property. When he shifts to his human form Corrine recognizes him as a customer of her bakery. He has been chatting up one of her staff. A beautiful skinny young woman. Corrine knows she is too big for today’s fashion. So what is he doing standing naked in her woods?  Jett has been trying to get Corrine to speak to him for weeks, but she keeps avoiding him..So he must force the meeting. He is an old college friend of her twin brother, and has wanted to get to know her ever since. Jett has a stalker, a crazy ex girlfriend who refuses to let go. The ex has made him very wary of dating another shifter. He is not ready to settle down.  Corrine let’s herself fall for the gorgeous shifter, but as soon as she says her brother is coming he runs for the hills.
Dating his best friend’s sister is not a good idea. Jett wants Corrine but is unsure If he can risk being with her.
Corrine is falling for Jett but he seems to be ashamed of her. When the danger turns up someone has to sort it out.
A good shifter story, with lovely characters. 

Craving More (Tiger Nip Book 1)

Trouble With Strays.


     By Rachel Vincent.

This is the 4th book in the Shifters series, and must be read in order.

Faythe has just been taught an important life lesson.If you are continuously causing trouble eventually someone will  pay the price. Her long time boyfriend Marc has been exiled from the pride, and must Live where most of the strays live, the free zone. She has had many responsibilities added to her work load. A young tabby who is making herself sick by refusing to shift. Also she has to escort the new mother Manx to her trial. Faythe does manage to fit in a visit with Marc on the trip through the free zone. The escort is attacked. Several strays have disappeared and Marc is blamed,until he disappears.
There is a power struggle between the prides and the rival alphas are taking advantage of the problems facing Faythe’s pride.

There are lots of fights and just a little sex. I would say It’s suitable for Y.A. or adults who like a light read.

buy link amazon.

The Cat’s Shield.



              CAT’S CRADLE.
          By Bianca D’Arc.

Especially good for all cat lovers.
This is an unusual paranormal romance. The first in the Strings of Fate series.
Our heroine Elaine is rushing to get to her martial arts class, only  to find it cancelled.  When she tries to leave her car is  gone and a very dangerous looking man is hanging around. Things get more and more dangerous from then on.
Our hero Cade is a black panther shifter.and  the head of the royal protection squad. The panther queen is in town and someone is hunting her.
Elaine finds herself thrown into a world she knew nothing about, but has been connected to most of her life. Cade needs to protect both the queen and Elaine, but Elaine is determined to fend for herself. 
Her domestic cat is a hero in his own right.
A great start to a series I know I will enjoy.

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Water Fights.


           By Alyssa Day.

Wonderful Warriors of Poseidon.  This is the first of the series and I’m already hooked.

Conlan is the high prince of Atlantis. He has just returned to his people after being tortured for years by the queen of all vampires. Now he and his warriors, accompanied by the high priest must go above the seas to retrieve the stolen Trident of Poseidon. 
Riley is a social worker who has had a very bad day at work. She goes down to the shore, that has always been the place that brings her peace and a sense of well-being.. She will not get that peace this time.
Conlan gets to shore before his bodyguards and is strongly affected by what happens then.

These Warriors fight in unusual ways and with a weapon I have never seen used before. The action starts on page one and never stops. A few very sexy scenes and intense emotion. The secondary characters are good fun so that holds promise for the rest of the series. 

Much more than a night out.


                He Ain’t Lion.
               By Celia Kyle.
This is a book from the erotic shelf. It’s fun and a bit kinky. The c word makes too many appearances for my liking, but apart from that I enjoyed it. It also had me giggling in places.
Maya is a curvy girl who has had her confidence shattered,by a selfish ex. She decides a little sexual healing is in order. A friend has told her ,the local lion shifter pride have a special night in their club. She should be able to pick up a one night stand there.
She gets a lot more than that. The inventive names she called Alex the next day are so funny. The things going through her mind that next day would have anyone freaking out.
Alex is the prime in his pride. He knows this tasty looking female is going to cause trouble when she walks in the club. He just didn’t know how much. He makes some silly mistakes.
I will be reading the other books in the series.  Soon.

Have a Wonderful Read

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