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Release day blitz for CRIMSON DESIRES: An Erotic Vampire Anthology.

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Crimson Desires: An Erotic Vampire Anthology
Releases October 25th 2014
Publisher: Lyrical Lit. Publishing


*****Warning: This book contains blood, sex, and vampires doing naughty things only mature audiences should read.*****

10 steamy Vampire stories in one erotic multi-author bundle to set your nights on fire. Vampires have never been sexier…

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Buy Links:

GOODNIGHT SAM by Inger Iversen ~ The tragic history of Sam and Hope, who have existed as vampires since the eighteenth century. Sam has grown weary of the new world along with the escalating conflicts of his kind and wishes to attain peace in what is know as ‘the true death’, while Hope desperately desires to pursue a more fulfilling life together.

ONE NIGHT WITH A VAMPIRE by Rozlyn Sparks ~ Sometimes the only way to forget the pain of a broken heart is to get back in the saddle. At least that is how Daphne’s friends see it. And since Daphne isn’t showing any signs of letting that happen, they take it into their own hands. Blindfolded, Daphne is whisked away to the famed, House of Immortal Pleasures, a vampire-run Brothel in Pahrump, Nevada, for a night of fun to exorcise her demons of boyfriends gone bad..

ALONG CAME A KILLER by Dicey Grenor ~ He’s a vampire who has found his calling in being a hired killer. Nothing’s better than taking out his targets, until he gets one he’s unsure how to handle. **This novelette (app. 12,000 words) occurs at the end of Sleepy Willow’s Loosed Soul (Vol. 3), before the Epilogue. One of the characters makes it to Wolf’s Fire (Vol. 3.2). Read to find out which one. If you are new to The Narcoleptic Vampire Series, ALONG CAME A KILLER can be read out of order or as a standalone.**

INDIGO by Willsin Rowe ~ After nine centuries, Caleb Durant believes he’s seen all the world can offer. Life has lost its music, and even hunting has become monotonous. But when he catches the essence of curvy young violist, Indigo Byrne, everything changes. Is she the one to bring music back into his immortal existence?

CRIMSON ADDICTION by Emily Walker ~ Vampire services are the norm now that they’ve decided to work alongside humans. Some of the services provided are more taboo than others. One night of bliss with a monster is never enough. Tamara should’ve known anything that good was just too dangerous. Now it’s the only thing consuming her thoughts. How will she ever escape its grip?

HALLOWEEN FANTASIES by Rozlyn Sparks ~ Touted as the sexiest party of the year, the annual Halloween Fantasy Ball is the one place a girl can let loose and succumb to her wildest fantasies.

Disguised as a sexy vampire huntress, Sasha captures the attention of Dante, a real life creature of the night. For Sasha, meeting bona-fide vampire is enough to fulfill one of her life long fantasies. She’s ready to go home a happy woman.

But Dante has other plans. It is after all, a night of fantasies, and he has a few of his own to share.

FOR THE LOVE OF RENATA by Lissette E. Manning ~ Renata Lorrie never expected to feel the way she does, most especially when it comes to her beloved Jackie. Amidst the ensuing chaos, she gives in to her hunger and insatiable desires. When love and passion collide, anything is possible, a certainty she’s learning every step of the way.

BITTEN by Morgan Black ~ Eve Mallory is a stuck up prude with a dead end newspaper job. But when her boss offers her a chance to write a story about the hottest sex club in town her whole world changes. Eve thinks she’s just at Red to get the scoop, she never expects to be brought into the elite circle of Vampires who are wealthy, beautiful, and hungry. Possibly for her blood. And then there’s Derek, with his piercing blue eyes, incredible build, and smug understanding of Eve. Why does he know so much about her? And what is it about his touch that makes her tremble?

BLOOD PURPLE, BOOK ONE OF THE BLOOD SERIES by Ashley Nemer ~ In a world we think we know, live other races entirely hidden from the mortal perspective. Creatures of legend, of fable and myth, their very history and nature have allowed them to walk side by side with humans since time immemorial. They are warriors, they are hunters, and they are Algula. Vampire. And in their own midst, a battle is brewing for supremacy, for dominance, that can and will affect all around them. Old hatred never dies and vengeance is a fiery sword that cuts a bloody swath.

THE ROSE CHRONICLES by Julieanne Lynch ~ Young, beautiful and naive, Bianka doesn’t understand the price she has to pay with being the chosen one. The choices she makes will forever change life as she knows it. More so when she becomes a vampire with insatiable thirsts and desires.

Author links:
Ashley Nemer
Facebook –  Author page


Dicey Grenor


Inger Iversen


Julieanne Lynch


Rozlyn Sparks
Rozlyn Sparks is represented by Rising Sign Books.
Find out more about her and her books at:


Willsin Rowe

Morgan Black







I was lucky enough to receive an A.R.C. of this but that will not colour my review in any way.

George is a mystery writer and a bit of a geek. He is out on a stag night with his friends. Rather than ogle the strippers he is trying for the ninth time to get the bartender Trudy to go out with him. He is not a stalker just determined, he knows she is the only girl for him.

Trudy is much more than a bartender and tat is why she keeps refusing George. She is a werewolf hunter and never knows when she will have to leave town fast.

George knows nothing about the paranormals around him until one of the strippers attacks him.


This book is great fun, the way the characters deal with the changes in their lives is amusing. The sex scenes are hot and the fights exciting. The ¨world ¨it is set in makes me want to read a lot more of it. It all seems so believable. I do hope this is part of a series I want to follow the lives of the characters I have met so far.

Order from Amazon with this link. Bite Marks (Paranormal by Mistake)





This is the second part of this story, and you really do need to read them in order.
Cora is a young woman who was dying of a form of cancer. That was until she met Dorian. He is a scientist and a Vampire. Dorian cured Cora by turning her into his cognate or consort.
This part of the story is about Cora coming to terms with what it will mean to her being with such a powerful Vampire when there are forces out to destroy them.

This is the 1st book .


I must admit that this is not quite my usual reading.  I feel it is aimed at readers who relate better to the world of universities and college.  Neither of which I attended. I’m English and way older than that group.
The heat level is just warm. No big sex scenes. Started and finished with excitement but sort of fizzled out in the middle.

Buy from Amazon with these links

Book #1.For All Time: Cora’s Bond Vampire Series #1
Book #2.Time Without End: Cora’s Bond Vampire Series #2

DIMITRI Blog tour and Review Plus a Giveaway.

This is my review



Immortals of New Orleans, book 7.

I was lucky enough to receive an A.R.C. of this but that will not colour my review in any way.

While you can read any of the books in this series as a stand alone , I think it is more enjoyable to read them in order. They are adult only books because there are a lot of HOT sex scenes.

The first thing Dimitri senses when he wakes up is a woman laying on him while he is tied down. How he ended up like this when the last thing he remembers is being attacked on the beach, is a mystery. Naturally being Dimitri there is a part of him that doesn´t care how he got there ,it´s quite happy to enjoy the results.

Gillian has used her healing gift on Dimitri, because she knows she is the reason he was attacked. The Pack of wolves that nearly killed him are after her. Their Alpha has somehow found out what she is and wants to force mate her to steal her gifts. Gillian was always told by her mother to stay away from the werewolves. If she gets involved with one she will lose an especial part of her being.

Gillian is set on getting as far away from Dimitri as possible, so that he will not be in any more danger. He is just as set on not letting her face the danger of the mad Alpha alone. The problem is he is having trouble shifting to his wolf. So he needs help to keep her safe.

Once she goes to see a half brother she only recently found, her life changes forever. To set a trap for the Alpha that is after her she must pretend to be getting mated to Dimitri. Gillian has a very big secret she has not told him ,and finds herself getting jealous of all the women that are in his life.

This is a very sexy book, with lots of danger and great fun. Dimitri has a very naughty streak. I love his personality. Gillian is a very strong woman ,but is also very vunerable.

The only problem I have is now I have to wait for Jax´s book.

This book is going to be a big hit. Buy it now from Amazon with this link.Dimitri (Immortals of New Orleans #6)

How about an Excerpt.

Dimitri yanked on the restraints, his wrists firmly secured at his sides.  The sweet scent of a woman danced through his mind and he swore he felt the warmth of a smooth hand on his thigh. A moan alerted him to the fact that he wasn’t alone, and his cock hardened in response.  If it weren’t for the caustic pain tearing through his muscles, he’d have thought he was having a wet dream.  But as he attempted to open his eyes, memories of his last thoughts slammed into him.

Teeth.  Claws.  Blood.  Submission.  As his chest heaved for breath, his hands curled into the bed and saliva dripped from his mouth as he recalled being attacked on the beach.  A pack of feral wolves had torn into him. Helplessly, he’d fought them, unable to shift.  At some point the slashing agony of the attack had ceased; the smooth sound of a woman’s voice curled around him in comfort as he surrendered to unconsciousness.

“Shh…you’re okay.  Stay still.”

Not his Alpha’s command, yet Dimitri’s mind quieted.  His dried, cracked lips parted.  But before he had a chance to utter a word, the seal between where her skin met his began to heat.  His eyes flew open and rolled back into his head as tendrils of healing seeped into his skin.  Instinctively, he thrashed against the bindings.  His hands fisted the leather, and he shook the bed’s metal frame until it rattled uncontrollably.  As the tingling spread throughout his body, overwhelming relief from the pain swept through him and he gasped. By the time it was over, tears ran down his face.  Not only had the crushing misery disappeared; for the first time in weeks, his wolf howled in celebration.

“My wolf,” he cried. “You healed me?  How?  What are you?”

“You should be okay once you shift…for a few days, anyway,” the female responded breathlessly, her lips accidentally brushing his chest. “Can’t promise you any longer.  You need to see a witch.  A shaman may be able to help.”

“But how did you know?  My wolf…”  Dimitri’s words trailed off as his vision slowly came into focus. He glanced down to the silky raven hair that brushed over his abdomen.

“Your wolf…he recovers.”

“Jesus Christ, the pack.  They tried to kill me.  How did I get here?”

“You’ve got an awful lot of questions for an almost dead man,” she responded.

“What can I say?  Near death does that to a guy.  Last thing I remember, those dogs were takin’ a bite outta my neck.  As much as I wish I had nine lives, I ain’t no cat, if you noticed.”

“Oh I noticed.” She laughed, concealing her face. “Seems to me, you should be doing a little more thanking and a little less asking.”

“Now don’t take it the wrong way, cher.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate ya healin’ me with whatever voodoo you do, but you’ve gotta see this from my perspective.” He gave a small chuckle as his wrists tugged the straps taut. He glanced at his makeshift handcuffs, noticing she’d used belts to restrain him. “So ya want to tell me why I’m tied to the bed?  Believe me, I’m down with the kink as much as the next wolf.  But call me crazy, this doesn’t really seem on the up and up.”

“Sorry, lover boy, but I did it for my own safety.  You were a bit wild when I brought you here.  You know what they say when a dog gets hit by a car…it can bite out of fear and pain.”

“Hey now, no need for name calling.  There’s no dog here.  You got yourself a wolf, darlin’.”

“I know what you are.  Doesn’t matter.  I take my life pretty seriously.  I admit I’m not in the business of tying up men, but I can assure you that I trussed you up for self-preservation purposes only.”

Dimitri felt the lilt of her smile curl against his skin and silently cursed as his dick twitched in response.  He laughed inwardly at his predicament, as he jerked at his bindings.  Sure, he was tied up good.  On the up side, he’d survived the attack and had woken up with a beautiful woman next to him.  Not the optimal situation, but it could be worse.  He was alive and damn, if it didn’t turn him on to feel the top of her thigh brush against his own. ‘Bondage anytime anywhere’ just might become his new motto.  He knew it was wrong to be thinking about sex, given the seriousness of the situation, but hey, when in Rome…

♥ ♥ ♥

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            BY ALYSSA DAY.
Warriors of Poseidon book #2

This is a series that must be read in order, or you won’t have a clue what’s happening. 
Erin is a witch with an affinity to gem stones. They enhance her power with their songs. The coven that Erin belongs to want to gain the help of the Warriors of Poseidon to destroy the vampires that are over running the town. The ancient vampire who is in control is Caligula the Roman emperor. He has already killed the rest of Erin’s family, and many from the coven.
Ven is the warrior known as the king’s vengeance.  Brother to the prince soon to become king. It’s his task to contact the witch to find out if they can work together.  Someone tries to stop the meeting from taking place by attacking Erin.  Ven rescues her from the attack and takes her to Atlantis where her gemstones seem to gain extra power. They sing songs differently  especially around Ven. Erin, Ven and the warriors must go and retrieve a Ruby that was once part of Poseidon ‘s Trident to save the lives of the Riley, the mate of Prince Conlan and her unborn baby.
This turns out to be a very dangerous mission.

A wonderful story full of action and great characters.  The relationships between the Warriors and the others that they  work with is great fun. I particularly like the big pussycat Jack. This is an adult story but has much more action than sex. This is a series that is easy to get addicted to.

Buy from Amazon With this link. Atlantis Awakening: Warriors of Poseidon


Leopold´s Wicked Embrace.

Leopold´s Wicked Embrace.

By Kym Grosso.

Immortals of New Orleans ,book 5.


Leopold is furious when he finds a werewolf pup dying in the snow at Yellowstone. After getting her to safety he calls on the local Alpha to find out who would allow this to happen to an innocent. He discovers the baby is much more than a wolf. Now he must find a similar being to help little Ava. Even as an ancient vampire he has never met another with similar powers.

Laryssa has been hiding what she is for most of her life, but recently she has felt the dark ones are close to finding her. She needs to meet a friend who is a witch to build up her defences again.

While Laryssa is waiting in the club for her friend, Leopold walks in and upsets her concentration. Later in the evening trouble breaks out in the club. The owner , who Leopold is visiting tells him to watch the security tape. What he sees is exactly the powers he is searching for. Now he just has to persuade her to help him.

Leopold is used to getting his own way ALL the time, why is this terrified little woman so unafraid of him.


I loved this story ,it´s the best in the series so far. A very naughty sexy read for adults only. As usual KYM manages to write really erotic scenes without being the slightest bit crude. The fight scenes are intense and scary. The world Leopold inhabits is not for the feint hearted. Once again in this book we meet some old friends especially Dimitri. I can´t wait for his story he is so mischievious.

Buy from Amazon with this link.Léopold’s Wicked Embrace (Immortals of New Orleans #5)

The New Alpha.

Logan´s Arcadian Wolves.

Logan´s Acadian Wolves.

By Kym Grosso

Immortals of New Orleans. Book 4.


Wynter is a doctor and she has been looking for a cure for a friend who is dying. The friend is a hybrid wolf and should be immune to sickness. Unfortunately the company she is working for is not what she believed. She has been forced to work and bled almost dry by the vampires. She manages to escape and is running for her life, when a werewolf comes to her rescue.

Logan is getting used to his new role as Alpha of the Acadian Pack. The previous Alpha was murdered by his Beta, Logan killed the Beta and the dying Alpha begged him to take over his Pack. It is taking all of his concentration to help his wolves to settle down into a normal peaceful life.

When he rescues the terrified woman from the vampires she refuses to believe she is a wolf. The last thing Logan needs at the moment is the confusing feelings the Wynter brings out in him.

To find out how Wynter has become a wolf and how she can cure her friend they must find the lab she was forced to work in. They call on the head of the local vampires to help.


This is an exciting story , that shows us love can come at the most inconvenient times. Dealing with heightened emotions at a time when calm is vital. A very nice sexy book in a great series. I´m going straight on to the next in the series.




Buy from Amazon with this link.Logan’s Acadian Wolves (Immortals of New Orleans Book 4)





Tristan is one very angry Alpha wolf. Someone has set fire to his club. The attack on his pack can not go unpunished. The threats seem to come from different sides. A pack member was killed and another Alpha tried to mate his sister by force. Tristan is investigating who would dare do these things.
Kali is a Vet who has managed to hide who and what she really is. Her testing on herself has proved she can hide in everyday life, One night she had gone into a bar run by werewolves and nobody managed to sniff her out. When she saw the club on fire and realized that the beautiful snake she had seen behind the bar  would burn before the fire service arrived, she went in to rescue it.  Tristan is told one of the most powerful Vampires has found the woman on the security tape so he goes to claim his suspect.
Kali has been tortured by the vampire, and all Tristan can think of is protecting her. He knows she has secrets but this beautiful human is pulling every protective instinct from his wolf.
While he is trying to sort out  his feelings for Kali another of his pack is murdered. Kali realizes that the drug she made is in the hands of an enemy. She must tell Tristan everything.

There is obviously a power struggle between packs.  Tristan must be a diplomat but also allow no other Alpha to threaten his pack.

This is a very sexy story with a little kink. It  just  might overheat your kindle. Mine is still steaming. I do love it when an author can write such scorching scenes without the need to use foul language.
Lots of very good storyline and great secondary characters.. I am completely addicted to this series.

Buy from Amazon with this link.Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves (Immortals of New Orleans Book 3)

Dark Fates


I was lucky enough to recieve an A.R.C. of this before the reléase, but that will not color my review in any way.

This story is part of the Redwood Pack series

Emeline is an Elder of the pack and is 500yrs old. Like all wolves she only appears to be in her 20s. She has lived in with the other elders until recently, and is just getting used to being on her own. At the moment she is working with the pack healers to cure someone from a magically caused blindness.
Noah is a doctor and a young wolf at only 28 years old. He has known since he first met Em that she is a potential Mate. Until she realizes it he will just have to court her, while they work together to find the right mix of magic and medicine to heal his friend. Em sees herself as an old woman and Noah as a very young man with all his life to find his Mate. Someone in the pack is horrified When they see the growing attraction between Noah and Em, and decides to put a stop to it.

This is a fun addition to a great series. With lots of action and sexy love scenes. It doesn’t matter If you read it out of sequence.  The story stands well on It’s own. But does contain a few spoilers If like me you’re not yet up to date.
I skipped the cast list at the beginning because I didn’t want to spoil the books I haven’t read yet.

This is obviously part of a series, but not one I have read YET.

All the ancient Gods are having a competition to see who’s followers are the strongest, It’s called The Games of the Gods. These games are carried out in the human world. Supposedly to keep them fair, and honest.
Tariq and his team of jackels represent Anubis the Egyptian  God.  Tariq has had part of his soul stolen by the God Set.  He is an evil cheat.
Eden is just a human,(she thinks) who stumbles into a fight between Tariq’s team and the Greek team. They try to erase her memory. Eden has always had dreams of other times. Now Set is after her for something she has made. Tariq must keep her out of Set’s reach as long as possible.
There seems to be a connection between them, as If they have met before.
I found this a little confusing  until I got into it. I think If I had read the earlier books it would be better. I definitely want to read all of them now. A very HOT read.


This story stands alone well, but is probably from a very good series that  I’m going to find.

Hayden has been made alpha of the Napa pack. He is happily making wine and hoping he will be a good alpha. There have been several werewolves murdered recently by the group known as the True Believers. A crazy woman comes to winery saying she knows all about Hayden and his pack, and insists that they are in grave danger.
Chelsea has suffered with visions for years.  The True Believers took her off the streets, to experiment on her and use her visions. While she is having what she calls an episode she escapes ,and finds her way to Hayden to save him. The problem for both of them is, when she comes out of her episode she doesn’t remember any of it.
A very good emotional story, that has drawn me in. I’m now off to find the series it is part of.

This story stands alone well but definitely tempts me to get the rest of the series.

Ashwood and Moonriver packs are pulling their lives back together after a destructive attack. The Jaguars and Wolves working  hard to put defenses in place and re-build.
Cora has lost her whole family and her wolf is terrified and hiding deep inside her. As a submissive Cora finds it hard to cope, or ask for help. She has known for ages that Torin is her Mate,but he is a strong dominant enforcer. He deserves better than a broken wolf.
Torin needs Cora as his Mate but knows how scared she is.  He has to make her strong enough to take her place by his side.
The pack still face danger from outside. A very emotional and beautiful love story.
I will be getting the series. 


This story seems to be a stand alone.
Lisbetta  is a very lonely vampire. She has spent her six hundred years taking revenge on her first maker. Sargon is an extremely powerful master vampire,  who  rescued her from the evil one  who turned her, and has helped and loved her ever since. Lisbetta is finding it difficult to trust anyone. Because her turning was a nightmare that lasted years,she has always refused to make a progeny.  Tyler is a mature man who knows what he wants, and will do anything it takes to make the beautiful Lisbetta his. The sexy cowboy has to make a life changing  decision. With the help of Sargon who will do anything to make Lisbetta happy,  Tyler will convince her they should be together forever.

This story is about learning to give yourself totally to love in all It’s forms.  A very sexy short story.


This story is from the Watchers series.  The Watchers are the ones who keep work to keep the balance between Heaven and Hell. A triumvirate made up of a Nephilim, a Demon and a Witch are in charge.
Jubilee Spector is running for her life from drug dealers out to kill her. She has ratted them out in an attempt to protect her brother. A door opens as she is running, so she bolts through it. One look of the nearly naked man in the room and Jubilee thinks it might be safer outside.
Fox Arada is a fox shifter for the Watchers. He is on leave for two days. When  the Jubilee’s fight comes to his room, he finishes it. The problem now is the girl has seen what he is,that is forbidden. Fox decides to protect Jubilee even from his bosses. The need he has to save her is so strong it allows him to defy the blood bond.   When his boss shows up they find out that Jubilee is a lot more than even she knew.
This is a very exciting story that has got my one click finger itching. I’m off now to find this series. 

This whole anthology has been brilliant.  There are new to me authors to read lots more from. They are all sexy stories of varying heat levels. Paranormal romance of all types. Vampire,Shifters, Demons and even Angels. Great fun.

Learning Her Magic.


; ★★★★★
             BY KYM GROSSO

Book 2 Immortals of New Orleans.

Luca has been kidnapped silvered and drained of most of his blood. By the time Kade rescues him, he needs very intense healing methods.
Samantha has been made a witch by an evil mage. After being cleansed of the evil and trying to learn her magic, she has left the coven to get her life back.
Luca is not sure that the attack when he was taken had been an attack on him. He believes that it is Samantha that is in danger. She must come back to New Orleans where he can protect her. Even If she doesn’t want to.
There are evil forces about that put both Luca and Samantha in grave danger.Samantha must call her magic If they are to survive.

Lots of Magical action, and some nice sexy love scenes.
This book makes me more impatient for the rest of  the series.  I will be reading them all










<a href=”″>Luca’s Magic Embrace (Immortals of New Orleans Book 2)</a><img src=”; width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” />.

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