A Man’s Worth.


By Hebby Roman.
Raul De Porcelos is one of the Knights Templar. Who are warrior monk knights  sworn to celibacy and the Christian church. He has been sent by the Lord Sinclair to escort his chosen Bride, (an Irish Princess ) to him in Scotland.
Princess Cahira O’Donnell has lost her father and four brothers to the English in their thirst for land and power. She will not hand over her Kingdom to a man she has never met. She wants to marry for love. Cahira has trained for war alongside her brothers, and she will fight for her people and lands.
Raul is a man with very low self esteem. He is a bastard, and he considers himself a failed Knight. As he tries to complete his orders from Lord Sinclair many obstacles are thrown in his way. They have a long journey ahead. Made longer after they are betrayed. Princess Cahira makes things a difficult as possible.

This story has lots of adventure,and a very good storyline.  But is a little old fashioned in the wording.

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Trouble With Strays.


     By Rachel Vincent.

This is the 4th book in the Shifters series, and must be read in order.

Faythe has just been taught an important life lesson.If you are continuously causing trouble eventually someone will  pay the price. Her long time boyfriend Marc has been exiled from the pride, and must Live where most of the strays live, the free zone. She has had many responsibilities added to her work load. A young tabby who is making herself sick by refusing to shift. Also she has to escort the new mother Manx to her trial. Faythe does manage to fit in a visit with Marc on the trip through the free zone. The escort is attacked. Several strays have disappeared and Marc is blamed,until he disappears.
There is a power struggle between the prides and the rival alphas are taking advantage of the problems facing Faythe’s pride.

There are lots of fights and just a little sex. I would say It’s suitable for Y.A. or adults who like a light read.

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A Leap Of Faith.


            OUT OF THE BLUE.
        By Caroline Clemson.

An exciting time travel romance. It is the reverse of the “normal” type. In this story the woman comes forward in time. Most others I have read a woman goes back or the man comes forward. Probably because we think of men from the past being more heroic than modern men.

Deirdre is running for her life from an angry mob. They have burned her home and intend to burn her as a witch. She ends up on the cliffs and has a choice jump to almost certain death or give up. Deirdre takes the leap. Praying to the saints to save her.
Brendan is on sick leave after his partner was shot dead and he was wounded in what is been labeled a drive by shooting. He is in his boat fishing when something large lands in the water, just missing his boat.
Brendan rescues Deirdre from the water and takes her to his mother’s house.
Brendan can’t believe a word that the crazy woman says. Deirdre is too worried about being accused as a witch again to tell Brendan all the truth.
Brendan is trying to find out who killed his partner, but anyone who helps him ends up dead. Deirdre knows more about it than she is telling him.

This is a good fun read, with plenty  of excitement, and a few laughs.

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Wicked but Good.






Dexter by design.  By jeff Lindsay.

For an author can make us like someone so wicked takes real talent. For those of you who have not watched the t.v. series or read any of the books before, Have you been on another planet?. Dexter is a serial killer. This is the forth book in the series. We follow Dexter as he tries to keep his family unaware of his Dark Passenger. He works as a blood splatter analyst for the police. In this story someone has been making corpses into artworks. Dexter has just returned from honeymoon and has his Dark Passenger under control. This new killer will take all his attention.


If you have watched the t.v. series you might recognise some of the storylines ,but the books are SO MUCH BETTER.

To Wish Upon A Storm


  by Nancy Lee Badger.

Haven MacKay is nursing a broken heart. She is determined to put behind her the man she dumped after finding out he was married ,with children.  Her best friend has convinced her to help out at the Highland Games historical fair. Haven has a gift for healing and uses a lot of old potions and chants. 
Kirkwall Gunn is a Highland chieftain on his way to his betrothed, with his clan protecting wagon loads of treasure to be used as the Bride price. In the middle of a battle he sees a beautiful woman who disappears back into the mist.
Haven is on her way back to her tent when she is chased by a cloaked figure ..She uses the storm to get away and lands in a place full of much more danger.

This story is good fun. Haven is a woman who doesn’t understand her own power.  Kirk is a man who feels he has nothing left to lose.
Going by the ending I think there is another story to come. Featuring two of the secondary characters from this one.

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Pack Your Bags.




By Deborah R. Stigall

If I could give it 10*s I would. What a great story. Time travel romance at its best. I don’t want to say too much about the storyline because that would spoil it for you. Needless to say if a handsome highlander tells you he has come through nearly 700yrs and suffered tight jeans just because you are his soul mate , but you have to go back to his time. Don’t waste time packing Go Go Go. I’m definitely going to read the rest of the series. MacKay series.