HER GUARDIAN ANGEL.
This is from a series, but apart from meeting the couples from the previous books, you could read it as a stand alone.
Marcus is one of Heavens Guardian Angels. He has been tasked with guarding Amelia all her life. Recently his superior sent him down to earth to better protect her . He has moved in to the apartment next door. Marcus has never had any dealings with mortals before, even though he has watched Amelia he doesn’t really know her. He has always done as his superior has commanded, but with this mission they are holding back on what he is sure are vital details.
Amelia’s life has not been easy, and her choice of men disastrous.  When Marcus sorts out a problem with her ex boyfriend, she knows he is too good go be True. Guarding Amelia is proving to be next to impossible.  Especially when his superior refuses to tell him who is out to kill her. Marcus has to call on a few friends to help.

Another great story,full of twists and turns. Loyalty is the key in this book. How far can a man be pushed before he rebels? The HOT love scenes are beautiful, and written without bad words. The fights are incredible and so well designed they are like a dance. This is a marvellous series. 

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Olivia is a medical scientist working for the Archangel organization.  She has had traumatic dealings with Vampires and Demons in the past, but is still doing her best to help build a good relationship between  humans and the supernatural beings.
When a severely injured male is dumped on the doorstep of Archangel Olivia can’t wait to examin him. If he is a totally different species, as she believes, she might get back in her bosses good books.
Prince Loren wakes up to find a beautiful woman examining his naked body. One taste and he knows she is his Mate. He can’t let himself be distracted by her, he is too busy fighting his brother, and trying to protect his realm. Loren is weakened just by Olivia’s presence.  She is making him half crazy with the need he feels.
The connection between them has disastrous consequence for Olivia’s workmates. This is not the first time she has brought trouble to the people of Archangel. Olivia is determined to find a way to be free of Loren, because she doesn’t want to take the risk again.
This is a very exciting start to what I am sure will be a great series. The action is non stop, the sex scenes scorching HOT. Without the use of any naughty words. The secondary characters make you know you are going to read the next book just to find out what happens to them. And the fight scenes make you want to hide behind something so as not to get caught in the crossfire.
I for one can’t wait to read more.

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Blind Passion.



This is part of a series, perhaps I might of enjoyed it more If I had read the others.

Our hero Salair is traveling back to his own planet by a diverse route to try and lose the person tracking him.  He meets Snowflake a woman of his kind.  She has been living with adopted parents since her parents died,and has almost no knowledge of her true nature. When Salair meets her he knows she is his Mate. Convincing her is proving difficult, but pleasurable.

This story seemed too disjointed for me. It opens with the trackers P.O.V. but we never hear anymore from her. Salair takes over Snow’s life, with virtually no problems. They get back to his home planet to find that Snow has important information, but we never find out Why It’s important.
I just found the whole story unbelievable.  A sexy story but not much else. I think the startling could have been fleshed out much better than it was.
Very disappointed.

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This book is one of Elena’s stories.
Elena is tracking a young werewolf from Australia, who is being set up by bad mutts.  She has to go to Alaska.  Clay meets her on the way,but when they get there they find much more trouble than expected. One of their friends has been murdered and the area is rife with rumors of wolf kills.
The natives believe there is a huge Bigfoot type creature that lives in the frozen wilderness.
Elena is having trouble putting her past behind her since getting an unwelcome letter. Clay is doing his best to boost her confidence by trying to let her fight her own battles, While struggling a bit of doubt in his own strength.

These books are suitable for Y.A. and exciting enough for all ages. Plenty of fighting and a sprinkle of romance. Very good fun.




A very good Highland romance ,that looks like the start of a series.

Jillian MacRae of Lochstorm lost her father a short while ago. Now the castle is under attack and Jillian must see to the safety of her little brother ,who is the righful Laird. After misjudging it once she manages to get Ian out of the castle and on their way to Ravenskull the home of her first love, Kade the Laird of Clan MacLachland. On the way she is robbed and wounded ,but finally gets to Ravenskull . Jillian first met Kade when she was only a teenager and fell for him at once. Years have past since then ,she just hopes that he will help her reclaim what rightfully belongs to her brother.
Kade agrees to help Jillian, then sets out for Lochstorm.

One disaster after another gets in the way ,and the madman who has claimed the castle proves very hard to catch and kill.

This story is action packed and a beautiful lovestory. Romantic rather than hot. The love scenes are mild and enjoyable. This is the first book I have read by this author, but certainly not the last.I will be reading the next book.

Buy from Amazon with this link.Beneath a Highland Moon (The Highland Moon Series Book 1)

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Powerful Minds.




Psy / Changeling series.

You do need to have read the previous books in this series to understand it properly.

Kaleb Krychek is probably the most powerful Psy on the planet.Raised from the age of three in the less than tender care of a monster,now known to have been a serial killer. While the world has been getting ever nearer to all out war, Kaleb has been searching for someone.
Sahara Kyriakus was abducted seven years ago, and has hidden herself so deep in her mind she might never find her way out. With most of her memories buried Sahara is unsure of the man who draws her but also scares her. Kaleb has rescued Sahara and is protecting her from anyone who might come for her,knowing all the time he is the greatest danger.
Terrorists are causing hundreds of deaths all over the world and Kaleb finds himself more and more in the role of a hero. He is used to always being the one that people fear.
As  Sahara regains her confidence she is pulled into a strong attachment to Kaleb that feels like it has been there forever, not just since he rescued her. She will not allow Kaleb to sink into the darkness that surrounds him.

This book is quite violent, with the terrorism and Kaleb’s desire for revenge. When Sahara tells Kaleb all she remembers ,it is traumatic for all. The way the Psy use the power of their minds is so believable It’s scary.
I love this series and look forward to the next book.

Buy from Amazon with this link.Heart of Obsidian: A Psy-Changeling Novel (PSY-CHANGELING SERIES)

Lost Memories.



  KNIGHT’S series. Book #4.

This book could be read as a stand alone, but to understand the reasons for the problems our hero and heroine face it oddest to read the earlier stories. 

Edouard De Lanceau has been told he will be betrothed to Lady Juliana De Greyne, but things go disastrously at their first meeting.  Edouard ends up betrothed to her flighty younger sister instead.
While on a mission for his father Edouard comes across Juliana badly wounded and half drowned.  She has no memory of anything before he found her in the river. Edouard, unknowingly takes her to the worst place possible for help.
Waddesford keep has been taken over by a truly evil woman ,her adult son and their mercenaries. The woman is Veronique and she wants revenge and power.  The Lord of the keep lusts after the woman, that leads to the downfall of all within. 
Edouard is taken prisoner as soon as he enters Waddesford. Now he must try to escape and protect Juliana before Veronique and her son can put the lives of so many people in danger.

This is a beautiful historical romance. No sex scenes, but it doesn’t need them to keep you reading. I have read all the previous stories and enjoyed them all. I have a feeling we are not quite done yet.

Love Could Be Fatal.



            BY STEPHANIE ROWE.

Order of the Blade book #1

A new series for me, so I have some catching up to do.
The Order is made up of Calydon Warriors, charged with protecting innocents.  In this “world” there are Illusionists who are very powerful and could be working for good or evil. They are rarely liked by anyone.

Grace is an Illusionist who can’t control her powers. They come whenever she is scared and are deadly. Grace’s sister Ana has been kidnapped and is being forced to kill with her illusions.  So Grace must ask a powerful Calydon to help her get her sister back.
Quinn is the one Grace goes to. Quinn is dealing with serious problems himself. Someone is murdering his Warriors. A short time after meeting Grace, Quinn realizes that she is his Sheva (Mate) . This will cause even more problems because when a Calydon fully bonds with his Sheva he goes rogue. To stop that happening either the warrior or the Sheva is killed. That is the way the Order has always worked.

This is a fast paced,action packed story. If it was on film the special effects would be incredible. Lots of big battles, and HOT Live scenes. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

Buy from Amazon with this link.Darkness Awakened (Order of the Blade)


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